Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weigh In Weds. - Back on track, sort of

I did not track my foods as I ought to which led to some questionable decisions. Those decisions usually resulted in this type of conversation, "oh, it's just this one time, you've been pretty good elsewhere."

Then, when I tried to reconstruct what I ate over the week before this post, I realized it was more like the good stuff was just the one time and I'd been pretty bad elsewhere. 

That said, at least I DID get on the elliptical a couple of times.  I DID reduce my picking (thank goodness).

End result, 162.5.  Back to where I was before Christmas.  Now it's on, people. I'm tired of my sausage arms and my jiggly butt.  I realized I have a 20 year highschool reunion this Spring and I want to look like a trim and fit mama! (Come on, is there anything wrong with wanting those old HS insecurities to be kicked to the curb by showing up full of confidence and eliciting those, "wow, she birthed kids" comments?)

Okay, if there is something wrong with that completely superficial mentality I always tell my kids not to have, then I will say this.  That mentality is second to wanting to feel better and healthier. I'm still having up and down days like that but I have to remind myself, it took days, weeks, months and years to get like I am. 

It will take days, weeks, months and even years to get to and maintain where I want to be. It sounds daunting but if I focus only on the days and weeks with my goals, I know it is do-able.

I'm on Pinterest now and I have taken to pinning photos for fitness inspiration. I've already used it a couple of times when on the elliptical (I can set my iPhone on the machine to play music). I pull up my pins and look at where I want to be or read some inspirational message.

For instance, here's a motivation one and here's another.

And these two, these are "fun" ones to me.  Run for It.  Walk Away.
It helps me. What do you do to help yourself when you are hitting the wall and trying to push yourself through?



rubyslipperz said...

Congratulations!! Back on track...WAHOOOO! and YEEEEHA!!

I'm doing much better this week than I have in several weeks. I'm still struggling to get on the treddy 6 days in a row. But, I've got a bit of a motivator in place..I'll tell ya about it on Saturdays...drum-roll, please...NEW TITLE "On My Weigh"


Shay said...

Way to go baby! You're back on track and will be feeling fab in no time.

I use "just for 15 minutes" as my motivator for all sorts of thing.

Zegi said...

there is nothing wrong with wanting to be fit and trim for a special occasion! I have finally given in to weighing myself and i'm at 147.4. My goal is 130. In February I'm running a 10k and in the spring a half marathon so i hope doing that will erase some donuts. or at least get me feeling good!