Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weigh In Weds.

I've lost some weight again! I haven't exercised much, again. Today's weight: 160.

I tell you this because I want to highlight that change in diet DOES matter, even if you don't exercise.  I still believe and know I need to exercise, I just want to point out that food is part of the battle.  I'm rarely hungry and I'm rarely not satisfied with what I'm eating because frankly, I have splurged and had junk.  What I have done is limit quantity (this is very important) to a normal portion. I've also tried to go less pre-made (processed) and more make it myself or purchase organic or organic-like products.

I've become convinced the processed foods are a big part of my (a lot of our) problems. Aside from the lack of nutritional value, the amount of sodium is insane.  Even on the low sodium stuff!  I buy chunk albacore tuna in water, b/c it's slightly better than the regular dark meat in a can and in oil. The other day, I saw that they had the same tuna but in a pkg which said, "lower sodium". So I compared the two and was surprised to see there was a significant difference.

Now, that said, I bought the low sodium,  brought it home and can taste NO difference. I am on a massive task to reduce the salt/sodium that my family uses. I don't like salt. Let me rephrase, I rarely like salt. If chips aren't salted or no salt on pretzels, I'm a happy person.  My husband would resalt pretzels! Oh, no he wouldn't, I'm exaggerating but he loves his salt.  He's got high blood pressure, too. You'd think that would scare him into being better but his idea of better is no where near my idea of acceptable. I wonder if Dr. Oz can help him or I see reason...

Anyway, the ex hubs liked salt, too and between the two of them, I've seen our kids adding salt to food.  I know this is their example plus the developed taste from high sodium processed or fast food.  I have to change their taste buds. I've made a rule, EAT it first before you add salt.  They take one bite and add salt. So, I am making a new rule. 5 bites before you add salt.

I've changed out the table salt for sea salt grinders.  A little healthier and the work in grinding slows them down a little, I hope.  We will see but I'm determined to at least keep them aware of their choices.

I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, I'm only speaking from my own experience and feelings. Take a look at the processed food you eat and look at the sodium content. Then think about how much salt you add to it after you've prepared it. Does it seem over the top? Take that into account along with the salt you use/ add throughout the day. How's that looking?  While writing this post, I though I should let you all know what the daily recommended sodium intake was so I went to an easy source, "Dr. Oz Show".  Turns out, he has a short and simple article on this. Take a look, you will be surprised.
Think Your Salt Intake is in Control? Think Again.

Since I've referenced Dr. Oz twice now, I should probably mention I rarely see his show but when I do, he makes as much sense to me as Jamie Oliver does through his Food Revolution.  I think that for my life, I can't do everything they suggest and realistically, I don't want to. Some days I want the McDonald's burger.

But here's the thing. There ARE things I can do, in baby steps and incementally. Such as changing out the tuna we eat when fresh isn't possible. Adding more good fish to our diet and reduce the amount of red meat. Vary the red meat so that we are eating leaner (elk, deer) meat where possible. Oh, and since we (I) love read meat, when we are eating cow, grind my own hamburger/sausage. Mix with ground turkey & chicken (that I ground).  I asked for and received from Santa the grinding attachment to my kitchen aid so I could do this.

Eventually, when I stop being fearful of the pressure cooker, I'll start canning.  In the meantime, I'm trying to use fresh or fozen veggies over store cans, if possible (again the sodium thing).

What about you? What do you think you can do this week (over at Annies Ruby Slipperz On My Weigh post this past Sat. she talked about setting mini goals to help you achieve the larger goals) to help you get healthier?

Let me know how you are doing in your journey.  Set a mini-goal this week and come back next to tell me how you've done. My mini-goal with Annie was to get on the elliptical 6x this week. I've already blown that but I am getting on the rest of the week to get as close to it as possible. My point, don't quit if you miss your goal, just keep working at it to feel proud of yourself.



Barb said...

You are so committed....and I appreciate your post, maybe I can stay committed??

rubyslipperz said...

I SOOOO agree with your comments about salt! I've found that high salt content also makes the bursitus in my thighs really bad. If I go "really low salt" and eat more potassium...the pain becomes non-existent. It took me 2 years to figure out the connection...lots of sleepless nights with pain.

I'm so glad that you are not giving up if you didn't meet your exact goal. YOU GO GIRL! Just setting a goal deserves some "KUDOS" =D


Grey Cat said...

I gave up cooking with salt entirely years ago - both my father and grandmother had high blood pressure (we were a multi-generational home), so we did without it. Those of us with healthier systems had the option of adding with a salt shaker, but I find that I don't actually like salt much anymore. I still bake with it, because I'm not confident enough to muck about with baking recipes.

As far as mini-goals, I'd promised myself to only have one can of soda per day while at work, and that would be my entire soda intake for the day. I've adhered to that pretty well.

I'd also promised myself that I'd visit the gym twice a week. I've met and conquered that goal for about six weeks, so now I'm adding a third day. I'd like to work my way up to five gym visits a week, but the mental challenge is in 'finding the time' to do so.

My new mini-goal is to bring lunch to work a minimum of four out of the five days a work week. I inevitably bring an awesomely delicious salad to work most days that I do pack a lunch, which is great. I just really need to commit to keeping fresh veggies in the fridge for this and to use them!

Zegi said...

My scale has refused to budge and I'm still at 147.4. I am still exercising at least 4 times a week, though.

thea said...

Okay, my mini goal this week will be to not eat after 8 p.m. That may mean binging at 7:55, but hopefully not.

Alycia said...

Thanks for sharing this. I like your approach, and your thinking, rahter than stinkin' thinkin' you have great thinkin' good luck on the elliptical!!

QuiltNut Creations said...

congrats on the loss Beck