Monday, May 28, 2012

Another finish

I am linking this one up to AmyLouWho's Sew & Tell Friday.

I'm glad I finished another quilt on my WiP/UFO list.  This is a very sweet feeling.  I spent the weekend saying prayers of thanks for our soldiers, past and present. I spent many minutes remembering the fears and worries of hubs being deployed and my thankfulness he's home safe.
I spent many minutes thinking of the soldiers I know overseas now and those I know only through some of you in blog land.  I've spent those same minutes praying for their safety and for the safety and strength to their loved ones at home.

I've also spent many minutes thinking about all the men and women, 100s of years gone and gone just recently. Those MIA, KIA and POW.  I've thought about why they do what they do and how I feel about it. I am proud of our military members, past and present.

This Memorial Day, I'd just wanted to say, "I remember." I remember my history lessons and I remember my own past. I remember what I can so I teach my children. So I can help them understand what this country is all about. Who we are as a people.  I want them to know, it's important every child know and understand the sacrifices that give them the life the opportunities they have today.

I feel maudlin as I write this and I'm sorry if it comes across this way but to me, Memorial Day always feels a little like a wake, part sorrow, part memory, and part celebration.  It's always felt that way to me. It probably always will. 

But, onto happier commentary. -wink-  With all this thinking, I've been quilting and sewing. I've sewed 4 more of the blocks for my sisters' quilt. 
I've also quilted and bound my SIL Victorian Harlequin quilt (previous posts here and here and here). This is a large lap-sized quilt with a pink, minkee polka dot as the backing. 
I did not border the diamonds which made setting it for quilting a little difficult.  Okay, a lot difficult. So much so that I think I will never try to set diamonds straight for quilting again. I will have a border on them.
All in all, though, I think it turned out okay. I used a continuous line design. Cabbage rose, loop and leafs throughout.
Frankly, I'm having a hard time boxing this up to send when Christmas rolls around. I want to test it out and cozy under it now. One puppy actually tried. 
Did you have a good weekend?



Denise Russell said...

Oh, the diamonds quilt looks beautiful! If you decide not to give it away for Christmas, my birthday is coming up! :-)

QuiltNut Creations said...

Loving the diamond quilt. And like I said before, the polka dots are fabulous!

Leslie said...

this diamonds quilt is really beautiful. i love the soft colors

April said...

very lovely diamonds! I tried a diamond quilt once and it turned out all crooked and uhhh just not right. Yours looks beautiful! I'll try again...oneday! April @ Little Mama Hen