Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I need Blogger help, please

For those of you familiar with Blogger, can you help me with the picture in my title?  I want to post quilt pics there and occasionally change them out but as you can see from the current picture, I have formatting issues.

I want the picture to run the width of the title "bar" and to be shorter in height. I've tried editing the picture on my desktop and rotating it. I save it, etc. but when I drop it back into the field in Blogger Layout, it rotates it back and leaves it at this size.

I'm not familiar with html so I wouldn't know how to change it that way unless you can give me very detailed instructions.

Anyone have any ideas/work arounds to help me get what I'd like to see?

Thank you!


Grey Cat said...

I checked out the size that I created my own header at... 221 pixels by 800 pixels.

Of course, this means you need an editor capable of working in pixels, and I've never had much luck in paint. However, if you have something like Photoshop, then you're good to go.

If you don't, check out Phoenix at http://advanced.aviary.com/tools/image-editor. It's an awesome online tool that works very much like Photoshop. You have to create an account to be able to save your work, but it's an awesome free tool.

Shevvy said...

You should have something to resize with already on your machine.

I have a windows machine and when I double click on a picture the default is windows photo viewer. There is an open tab at the top and this shows other media application I can use to edit.

I tend to use ms office 2010 as it is quick. It depends what you have though. You may be able to do it in windows media centre.

After the resize is done if you don't get anywhere let me know, it may be the template. I can fudge my own eventually.

QuiltNut Creations said...

Beck, I got a how to from another blogger. Let me know if you still need help and I'll forward it to you.

Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

Did you figure it out? Blogger likes a certain image size. What photo editing program do you use?