Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's talk about doing one's civic duty

Hubs is finishing up his stint at the police academy here in VA. Depsite having been in law enforcement his whole life, VA doesn't recognize any other state's academy if there has been a gap in service.  Therefore, hubs has been back at school.

As part of the cadet training, the school runs what htey call scenarios. Role-played scenes where the cadets can learn to clear a room, issue a noise ordinance summons, etc. I've been talked into volunteering for a couple of these but the most entertaining one, by far, was the one last Friday.  Hubs roped my brother into helping and in turn, my brother roped his two friends into it.  I participated, too.

I was the chaperone.

Yep, I chaperoned my brother and his two friends while they got plastered, at the insistence of the police.  This started at 1pm and finished at 9pm. There was liquor and no beer.  The drinks were mixed, by the police, to be disproportianetly full of the liquor than the soda mixer. 

Why you ask? So the cadets could learn to administer field sobriety tests.  Yes, folks, now you know the secret. The police get people drunk so they can learn how to test them for how drunk they are.

The boys started the night like this.

(this is my brother)

An hour after starting, they started the testing (this was about 3-4 drinks within the hour and high octane).
As time went on, they looked like this.

(Sorry about that finger... couldn't edit it out from my phone. And he's the mild-mannered one!)

Lastly, this one made this man's day. There weren't enough civilian cars to use so they pulled up the cruisers to use. No driving, just have the drunks sit in the front and then get out as the cadets ran the scenario. However, this guy, he played and turned on the crusiers lights. He felt so pleased with himself for doing it despite "Ma" (that would be me as the chaperone) telling him not to. 
The moral of this story? If you have always thought civic duty to be tedious, you might want to think again.

Have a good day, ya'll!



Glapha Cox said...

How fun! I hope they didn't have a headache after being so helpful.

Barb said...

I guess you did your civic duty, looks like everyone was having way to much fun to be learning...

Shay said...

Oh my goodness- hilarious! I wanna be a police guinea pig. You should have sent the hubs round here Saturday night -Mr. P would have been a willing volunteer !

I hope that guy didn't get booked for making an obscene gesture.

Shevvy said...

Oh you are just making it up! Thats too mad for words. There is no way that is necessary!