Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Make Life Quilt complete

To remind everyone, this quilt top had no home and since the colors ran in the wash and stained fabrics before I even pieced it, I decided it would be blocked and I'd use each block as a practice block for quilting.  I loaded it with that intention. I even started in the border practicing feathers, leaves in the inner border, squiggles around the corner, etc.  They looked like crud b/c I had no plan, I was just quilting.  I always need a plan or I am not happy with the results.
The other thing was, I was so bored and impatient with the practice!  This quilt was going downstairs in the teen lounge area (aka, unfinished basement with a couch & tv for the teens who are too good to be with us adults) and I just didn't feel like spending a lot of time on it. Even though I know that the practice would be better for me in the long run. 
Suffice it to say, I just started a medium meander to finish the dang thing out and while not a bad looking quilt, definitely one I'm happy to have crossed off the WiP/UFO list. I saved my batting and put some scrap fleece on the back.
Not an ugly quilt...but not a loved one either, poor thing. I think the only thing that kept me going was the phrases, "make life beautiful" for example.  Turn the ugly into something... that's what I did with this quilt.  I turned it's disappointments into a useful and cuddly quilt for the kids by adding the fleece.

How are your projects going?



Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I take leftover screwed up blocks and sew them in to pillowcase size flimsies then load them and quilt them for practice, then bind them and make them into dog mats. I have even loaded up some old but still really thick sheets, and sandwiched them with the top of an old mattress pad, for the practice. Dogs needs lots of dog mats too! They are also small enough to throw in the washer all the time too.

ShirleyC said...

It turned out good, and at least it gave you some practice quilting.

Shay said...

I actually like it and I think it's perfect for something that's going to end up being used by the kids , thrown on the floor and have drinks spilled all over it.

Are you like me where once you've decided you aren't in love with something that kind of sets the tone for the rest of the project? I cant make myself love something once I've decided I dont!

Anyhoo- it's done!

krista said...

well at least now it's useful and won't haunt you from your WIP pile. that's excellent! i have twelve beautiful quilt blocks (that i LOVE) still sitting idle because i chose to quilt them before piecing, (i don't have a longarm!) and WAY overquilted about six before i realized how much i hate it. haven't had the heart to finish them cause it bums me out too much! maybe i ought to just do it and get it over with, too :D

Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

I can't believe those colors ran. Just goes to show you never know :(

Kay Lynne said...

Glad that you took lemons and made lemonade. I have a few projects that I started and never did finish. You inspired me to take a look at some of my old projects and try finishing them.

Ferret said...

Hi, is that a Hinterburg frame you are using? If so are you in the UK? I have one and had a terrible time trying to get poles that would work with it. Mine is on it's last legs but I would happily have another the same if I knew I could get the poles this time.

Anonymous said...