Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Charity Quilts from one tragedy to another

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I had volunteered to be a team leader through The Quilting Gallery.  What that meant was I would collect blocks, piece them together, quilt and bind. The blocks started trickling in at the end of Dec. By the end of February, I still hadn't received quite a few even though I sent a reminder out.   I decided to make the remaining blocks myself to get these quilts completed.
Eventually, I reached out to the eQuilter Initiative (the group collecting and distributing the quilts) and asked if I should still send the quilts along once I finish them.  I think my email must have been overlooked and then I'll be honest, time ran away with me and I didn't follow up. I saw the quilts sitting there a few short weeks ago and decided I'd send them along should another need arise.  I knew that, unfortunately, there would be another natural disaster or the like. It's the sad constant of our lives, isn't it.  

I suspect these quilts will come in handy sooner rather than later now and in anticipation of a drive being organized in our quilting community, I wanted to show you these quilts.   It's amazing to me how scrappy fabrics and colors can all, eventually work together.

Quilt 1, one solid binding choice.
Quilt 2, scrappy binding.
May God bless, heal and provide strength to those who need it in Oklahoma, today. If you have a top that's in the WiP pile & without a purpose, maybe you will be able to complete it & donate when the call comes?



Shay said...

I really love both of these delightfully scrappy quilts. And they will be appreciated by the eventual recipients.

Tennye said...

These are lovely, I have been thinking the same thing. My heart goes out to those in OK, who have lost so much, and yet at this time they say money is the best to send there. However the people of West , TX are about ready for some things for their new or temporary place to live. I am going to get right on that. I have a few tops that are ready.

Anjeanette said...

Becky, that is so nice of you to have put them together. They turned out lovely!

Kay Lynne said...

These quilts will definitely be loved by someone. I love the scrappy look :)

QuiltNut Creations said...

Such great quilts Beck! Love the scrappy blocks.