Monday, May 13, 2013

SMS Giveaway Winners!

Short and sweet, a big thank you to all of you who popped by and entered my giveaways. I was surprised to see such a response and I had a blast going to many other blogs and entering, even though I didn't win anything, I'm happy to have found several new blogs to read.

ETA: I need to edit this and say I did win over at Quiltbarn's giveaway! YAY, love Notworthy prints.

You know, because I have all the extra time for it. LOL

So, on to the winners.

The winner of my first giveway, for various patterns and books is
"dortha said...

I had a boiled egg. Nice give away."

The winner of the second giveaway, a small zip pouch with a few goodies is
"Sarah Macdonald said...

I love to crochet, but I'm getting more and more into sewing these days!"



1 comment:

Di~ said...

Auuuhhh you did too win! Quilt Barn! congrats!