Friday, August 8, 2014

Notting Hill Mistress

When Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill line came out a couple years ago, I fell in love. It was the first, and so far since, fabric line where I loved each colorway and each print. All of it.

I had to have it.
I had to make a quilt out of it.
For me.

So, I bought FQs and a few half yards and then I pondered what to make. And pondered, and pondered. I wanted to show off the fabric and everything I thought of was not appealing to me. I just couldn't bring myself to cut the fabric.  A year of pondering later, I finally decided I didn't need to cut it. That patchwork would be perfect! Someone will need to explain to me why this light bulb took so long to turn on one day.

I cut 10" squares, placed them and
Keeping to the concept of showcasing the fabrics, I quilted diagonal lines in each square. They are about 1.5" apart.

I bound the quilt in an orange polka dot and then set about looking for a place to photograph it. I love this quilt It had to be a perfect spot.  Of course, I couldn't find one for a while until I remembered that I had 40 acres of beautiful, raw land and it should work.  (fyi, I used Aurifil 50wt white thread on the top and Bottom Line cream on the back. I'm going to brag a bit on myself here, too. This quilting is done free motion and without a stitch regulator! Whoa, I feel good now that I look closely at it.)

I first took it out at my neighbor's place where one of the horses promptly rubbed his head all over it. I am a sucker, I just let him (of course, it was the back of the quilt so I wasn't too concerned about it getting dirty before the photos).
After I washed it and it got all crinkly, I hung it again on the frame for our fire pit.

I just love this quilt and it's mine, all mine!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Just beautiful! And big too! Love the simple quilting.


Shay said...

It's gorgeous Beck. You totally made the right choice keeping those blocks large to showcase that beautiful fabric. Im thinking about you snuggling under this in the depths of winter with a smile on your face.

quiltytherapy said...

Sometimes just keeping it simple is the best. Looks snuggly and great.