Thursday, September 25, 2014

Deer Quilt - a Luke Haynes pattern

I came across a QAL posted on Bernina's We All Sew website and knew I'd make it one day soon to hang on the wall at the barn on our hunting/retreat property.

One day soon turned out to be a couple months later but I made it. For the instructions and details, please click on the link above but for mine, let me detail it in pictures and a summary at the end.

 Auditioning backgrounds.

Auditioning binding.
I and most of Instagram liked orange but hubs said no. I put it on for a couple days only and then put on the dark blue instead.
Here he finally is!

I found this to be a well explained and easily followed set of instructions and I love the final product but for me personally, it's a fussy process so it lost some appeal part way through.  I tend to be as lazy as I can in the process and cut corners. For this one, that means I only spot glued the applique down and then didn't quilt it for a couple weeks. That meant I had to deal with shifting pieces. MY OWN FAULT. If I had taken more care in the basting/positioning, I'm sure I would have been fine.  Still, I can shrug it off because the overall raw edge look on this quilt gives a nice 3-D impression for the deer head.

Overall, I love it and hubs likes it, which is good since I made it for him. (ETA that hubs changed his mind and actually liked the orange better so the blue binding came off and the orange went back on. Then I put it in my local guild quilt show and won a 3rd place ribbon in its category. Sa-weet!)

Thank you Luke Haynes, for sharing your process and providing a pattern to let us achieve a little bit of what you can do!



P. said...

That is stunning! Great choice of fabrics. Love it!

Shay said...

Wow Beck...this is life like . Great job with a picture quilt – one of the best Ive seen !