Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dad's quilt

Finally, a UFO completed. This is Dad's quilt, or "F's quilt" from previous project to do posts. I entitled this quilt, "A daughter's perspective on a father's memories."

I finished binding the quilt and presented it to my father this weekend. I showed him the back:

I showed him the front:

He loved them both. He cried. Then he decided to stop so picked up the camera and took random pictures of us (those you don't get to see, let's just say it's a realization I really don't like the way I've let myself go. -wink-)

He served in the Air Force. Geisha girl fabric for Iwo Jima. Each state he lived in or was stationed at was represented. Pictures of kids, grandkids, grand-pets, and his wife. Fabrics with his favorite foods: steak, hot dog, hamburger, a grill, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream cones. A couple plaid, flannel pieces to represent those flannel shirts he loved so much when I was growing up. Snowy scenes to remind him of the snow we tolerated in upstate NY. Hobby fabrics: fishing, bowling, golfing and sporting fabrics for his favorite teams.

The cat, appropriately named "Crook," has stolen it for himself not 2 days after it's appearance in the house.

Here's a close up of the quilting, not a good picture for stitch quality, but you can see the swirls and loops I did.

Dad happy = happy daughter. :)


Karen said...

How wonderful. Such a nice gift. Now, you best be making Crook his own quilt. :)

mbskpj0123 said...

thank you and Crook will have to settle for the fleece scraps from this quilt! lol

Carol said...

What a wonderful gift for your father. It is beautiful and I am sure he will treasure it. And your quilting looks just fine.