Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Quilt Challenge!

I wasn't going to post about this until AFTER it was complete. I wanted to look like I was sticking hard to working on my UFO's but well, I read someone else's blog regarding this challenge and just had to post a picture of my planned little quilt.

So, the challenge is 1 every 3 months this year we are to create 1 block. Take your first name and use one letter for the first letter of the block name. Use 3 other letters in your name for the colors. Repeat letters only after you've used all the rest up.

I decided I want to use this challenge to work on my hand piecing so I did not want applique or rounded edges, just straight stitching. Since these would be 4 different blocks and I wanted cohesion, I tried to pick blocks which were similar in scale to one of the other blocks as well as keep color theme tight. So, I'm choosing shades of reds, beiges and blues. Here's how they work out in my name.

B – Boston pavement
E – Egyptian blue
C – carmine
K -
Y - yuma

B – beige
E – endeavor
C – Crossword puzzle
K – Kenyan copper
Y -

B - burgandy
E - ecru
C – cerulean blue
K - King's Highway
Y -

B – black rose
E - Empire Star
C - cobalt
K – khaki
Y –

The finished quilt (a small wall hanging) should look something like this if I've done it correctly.

Please bear in mind, I had limited resources with my crayola crayon colors. :)


Anonymous said...

Becky that is going to look awesome! I see we are both doing the empire star

I don't think there's going to be 2 quilts that are the same from this challenge :)

hugs and have fun with it

Pat said...

Looks good Becky. You'd think I'd lay out my quilts like that, but I don't. I have them in my head--sometimes it works and sometimes not! I think you'll really like your quilt.