Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paper-Piecing - my initial comments

As promised, I said I’d offer a tutorial on paper-piecing a pineapple block and I have posted that. In the process, I realized I had slightly changed my approach for this particular pattern which deviates from the standard paper-piecing (or at least, the standard I know) and that led me to feel the need to post another tutorial for paper-piecing (“PP” from here on out) a NY Beauty block. That tutorial is a little more traditional in how paper-piecing should go, at least, as I understand it.

Wouldn’t you know, when I started working on that tutorial I realized there were two important steps many don’t talk about when PP. How do you measure and cut fabric if there’s no instructions, if you are just randomly choosing one of those free blocks online to practice with and how do you "tear" the paper? Well, I realized a 3rd & 4th mini-tutorial on what I do might be helpful. If even one person finds them useful, besides myself, then I’m thrilled!

A couple credits before I get carried away. I learned the method of PP for the NY Beauty blcok from the television show Fons and Porter last year. I cannot tell you the episode or the actual show but it might have been a Mariner’s Compass they were working on at the time. It made sense to me and this tutorial is a watered down, step by step, adaptation of what I learned from the show.

The pattern for the pineapple block came from the book, “quick-method Quilts with Style,” a Leisure Arts Publication.

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