Monday, January 26, 2009

Paper-piecing Tutorial - Removing the Paper

1) After your block is completely sewn, get comfy somewhere and start tearing paper away from the stitches, as close to them as possible.

2) Gently pinch the stitches as you near them when tearing, this helps them stay together instead of being pulled apart by a too hard tug on the paper, especially if the paper isn’t tearing easily.

3) When you have little pieces of paper stuck under a stitch or in corners, use your teasers to grasp them and gently work them out.

4) Once all paper is removed and discarded, press the block and set aside until you are ready to complete your top.


Anonymous said...

Hi Beck

One thing that helps in removing paper is to use the dull edge of your seam ripper, and run it along your stitch lines, it perforates and weakens the paper more there and it comes off very easily ..


mbskpj0123 said...

that's a good tip, thank you Grace! I suppose I haven't thought about that much since I tend to take my time on this part and never noticed a possible more efficient technique. ;)