Friday, January 16, 2009

the "Quilting Goddesses" and Grace are plotting against me!

Dear Readers,
Please forgive the break in regularly scheduled posts because at this time, I need to take a moment to plead with the Quilting Godesses out there. The same ones who helped me through the Dbl Wedding Ring quilt mess. While looking to the quilting tools in my sewing room, I plead,

"Please, please, please, oh Quilting Godesses, do not send me any more information or reminders that I'm doomed to do something scrappy this year. I get the message, I hear you loud and clear. Grace said there might be a challenge coming, I said I'd only consider it and you sent me all the notes on how to pull a scrappy quilt off. I hear you, I'm doing one this year. All I mean to ask is, could you at least let me focus on my late items now before tantalizing me with the possibility of a new and different challenge? Thank you for listening to my plea."

Thank you readers. I suppose you'd like to know what I'm talking about so here's the short version (is that possible with me?) You see, the online group I belong to is Yahoo's One Stitch at a Time or "OST." "Grace" is one of the moderators of the group and is the creator of the latest challenge I said I'd participate in, the color challenge. Anyway, in the process of chatting about that challenge, we started discussing scrappy quilts. I have a tentative like for scrappy quilts. Some I've seen are just horrid and others beautiful so clearly, it's not scrappy that's the issue, but putting it together and I understand that I, do not have the vision to create a scrappy quilt, yet. I'd been thinking someday (like 5-10 years from now!) I might try one. Well, Grace let it slip on purpose a new scrappy challenge might be coming up in the group.

Let it slip... on purpose. I had a little palpatation.

We ended the conversation with me being slightly open to the idea. I pick up yesterday's mail, the SAME day I have this dialog with Grace, and the magazing "Quilter's Newsletter" has arrived. For those of you who receive this magazine, you know, it's all about scrappy this month. Providing guidance on choosing colors, designing, etc.

Does anyone else think Grace and the Quilting Goddesses are in cohoots to thwart my little comfort cushion of not doing a scrappy for oh, the next 20 years?


Carmen said...

Scrappy is definitely in girlie girl! And Gracie is not the only one yanking your chain on this one. Fear going scrappy? So do controlled scrappy like I do LMBO! Plotting against you? Yeppers! and if you think Gracie is plotting, just wait until March when my next mystery if running! Ready, set, ......
Carmen,Co-Owner OST

mbskpj0123 said...

oh women! all I can do is submit to my fate...

Anonymous said...

AHa I've plotted and I've primed - The quilting Goddesses have smiled upon my muse and let it loose

do i have a scrappy mystery for you


grace - yes THE grace :D

Linda Bott said...

I'm with you...i am not crazy about scrappy either...too organized in my mind i guess...
Linda B in MI