Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

I promised myself and family I'd finish the kids' bed quilts before starting a new project but, I want a bag to take with me to Paducah. I learned last year a tote was a good idea but I hadn't really found any fabrics I was happy with.

Well, at Wal-mart last night, I found a roll of 8 FQs which were the colors and styles I'd been envisioning for a bag for a while.

Well, $10 later and with this afternoon sitting in front of me, I'm about to start another project. Nothing fancy, just a tote with a long handle so I can sling it over my shoulder, diagonally across my body.

So please don't tell my secret but check back here tomorrow to see how it turned out. :) I love being on vacation!

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