Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Cloud - NQR

Me. I am the black cloud today. It was gloomy/rainy outside but now I see the sun peeking through. My mood has not changed.

I am in a foul mood. I am angry. Just sour. Perhaps self-pitying, tired of having patience and getting kicked for it. I'm ready to fight, take on the beast and just get things done but I know that would only make it worse and so because I cannot do anything and because I do not see when this situation will end (I know it will someday, I just don't know if it's going to be 3 months or 6 month), I am in a foul mood.

Honest to God, if this were the movies and I was a witch, I'd have the dark backdrop. The dark clothes, the don't f-ing look at me lest I strike you dead with the heat of my eyes and sneering twist of my lips aura.

I am a black cloud today but even so, I have been productive. Getting work done through my anger and frustration. Paid bills (yipee), am blogging today (which was my goal) even if it's not about quilting, and haven't killed the only other living things with me at the moment, my dogs - so it can't be all bad, right?

Ugh. I'm just mad.

Enough said.

Please wish for sun for tomorrow's soccer games so I can get out of doors and physically brighten myself.  This mood has been coming on for the last couple of days and my body needs a physical jolt out of it!


Anonymous said...

Forgive my laughter, you have just described my last few weeks. As each shoe falls another takes it's place. Girl, we could make the world sit up and take notice if we got together. Sending some white light to brighten your day.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Awwwww Beck, we all have days/weeks that kinda suck. It's normal.

If I was closer I'd take you out for mojitas. 3 of those and we'd both be ready for sleep or to do something wildly stupid we could talk about for years to come.

Sending cosmic hugs from my side of the planet.

isa & marta said...

Leo tu descripcion y puedo verme a mi misma en esos dias ...negros y oscuros que todos tenemos.
VerĂ¡s amiga, lo mejor es mirar a mi alrededor y ver que el vaso de mi vida esta mas o menos lleno y no lo que falta, arriba el animo y ahi va la luz.