Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do you want to do?

First, administrative requirements:
1) If you are here for the giveaway, please follow this link. If you haven't entered, you still have time, it runs until the 15th.)
2) It's weigh-in wednesday.  I link over here to report along with my reporting here.  I've only lost 2 lbs. but I'm not discouraged. It's a certain time where a loss (even a small one) is well received. I suspect next week will be better but we'll see.  Oh, and I'm not really sore anymore but do tire easily. Clearly, I need to rework my diet to get the right mix of proteins, carbs and sugars for energy with these workouts. Again, given the timing, it may just be this week but we'll see and if I don't fix it on my own, well, I have a dietician as a sister in law! I'm sure she'll have some recommendations.
3) Ms. P.  I cannot email you, they all bounce back. I cannot Skype until the 20th when my new minutes start for my internet usage.  Drop me a line and check in, would ya? I miss my friend and that's all I say here on this post. -wink-

Now, onto my question in the title. Ms. P and I started chatting about quilt alongs and I think I'd like to host one. Don't stress, it will not be until next year, after the holidays. It will give us all a chance to wind down from the year and gear up for fun next year.  That said, I designed 3 quilt tops yesterday with EQ6 and I am thinking I will do a trial run of the top prior to hosting the quilt-along so I can provide assistance. 

So, your votes are needed. In your comments please answer the following:
1) Are you interested and willing to try some paper-piecing (I promise to give instructions and guidance)?
2) Should we have this begin in Jan., Feb. or March?  (I am personally leaning toward Feb or March but don't let that sway you! lol)
3) Choose one option below for the style. (Maybe if this works out we can do the other ones later on.) All measure to 50" x 50" w/out the borders, 54x54 w/borders.

OPTION 1 (traditional piecing with only 4 paper-pieced blocks.)

OPTION 2 (Lonestar & 4 paper-pieced blocks. I think the star will be more difficult to handle than the paperpiecing for most.)

OPTION 3 (All paper-piecing but the same block repeated and a simple block at that. Color schemes are endless for this one.)

So, what do you think?  I won't be insulted if you aren't interested, I promise. I will just go cry in the corner.



Shevvy said...

Well I've never done a quilt along so I'm in, as long as General P doesn't appear with a whip.
1)I quite like paper piecing so that doesn't bother me.
2)don't mind when it starts as long as it is after Christmas.
3)I love them all, the lonestar terrifies me though. I think my fav is no.3 because its so different. I think you could get some amazing versions of this.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Yeah, I'm a little terrified of the lonestar myself but I thought it was only fair I post something out of my comfort zone since I know paper-piecing is out of some other's comfort zone. I think the options are endless on the third and why I included it. The first and second would keep patterns the same but colors could be whatever and the third, colors and block arrangements could just be fun to see personal styles and choices. :)

Thanks for being the first to weigh in.

Susan Entwistle said...

I am all over the first design. It's got a little of everything, a real challenge. I've only paper pieced once (with guidance), so I think I can manage again with your help. I like a February's still cruddy, cold winter, and it's a way to amuse oneself while waiting for Spring :)

AMW said...

Ok, I've never done a quilt along, and I'm terrified of paper piecing. But I might give this one a shot for design number 3. It's very cool, and I too would love to see what other people do with the color options..... So, count me in as a maybe?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Firstly, why does your email hate me ? What's the deal with that?

2 lbs is about a kilo which is sensible weight loss. I'd say that pretty fabulous. Add it up over a year.

I'm up for challenging my rudimentary quilting skills and I'm rather partial to number 3. It's unique and different and would lend itself to lots of different colour ways.

That said I'd probably do number 1 if most were interested. I'm not touching number 2... I'm envisaging tears and tantrums with number 2 .

I'll email you tonight- I'm off to work which I'm utterly thrilled about.(can you tell?)

Missing you! Darn internet /email.

Michelle said...

I am interested. Sounds like fun--although honestly, I will probably convert the paper-pieced blocks to traditional ones, but hey that's on me. :-) I'm very partial to design one, although they are all really pretty.

Michelle said...

P.S. A 2 pound weight loss is great! Besides the timing, I imagine with the work out you described, you're probably building up some muscle--and it weighs more. Some people lose inches, and don't lose much weight because of the muscle gains.

Barb said...

I am not much for paper piecing...truly love the first photo you showed and would be willing to give it a try. I have done paper pieceing before. Maybe in March??? I will hopefully be moving between now and then and maybe by March have my sewing room up and that wishful thinking?

P. said...

1) Yes. I need to learn/get comfortable with paper piecing.
2) Whenever.
3) I especially love the look of Option 3, but I would do any of them. Although Option 2 is pretty intimidating as far as the piecing of the star, but I'm game if that's what's chosen.

Two pounds is great progress. Congrats!

Regina said...

1. I've never tried paper piecing but would love to learn.
2. I'd prefer March just because Jan and Feb are busy months here
3. I love the 3rd one the most!

Crunchy Diva said...

i would love to do a quilt along. paper piecing i like. any time after christmas works. my vote is for #3.

Gari said...

I have never done a quilt-a-long but with this much notice, probably could manage it. I really like both 1 & 3: I am not ready to try #2. Feb would be fine with me but March is good, too.

Myra said...

oooooo... I like your layout play!!! Looking like great future projects! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Love Number 3, lends itself to so much variety. I do not like square quilts very much and this one would be easy to make longer.

Have printed it off for my 'dream'book, doubt if I would be a canditate for a quilt along, I am more of a dreamer than a doer.

Will see what happens, might surprise myself.

Regards, Rieann in Rockingham Western Australia