Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Are you wondering what I mean? Well, I'm excited to say, yesterday began the first day of my blog being Spotlighted by Chris Dahl over at Learn to Quilt.  I wrote the article (it's very hard to "sell" yourself, btw, when you have nothing to sell), she cleaned it up (edited my crap nicely) and posted it.  Many thanks to Chris, it's great to have a chance to meet new people this way and hopefully, have a few more folks join my upcoming quilt along (my regular readers, you didn't think I forgot about that, did you? -evil laugh-) Please go check it out and while you are at it, take a look around Chris' site. There's some great information there.

And just so you know, I considered this a bit of a milestone so I used the spotlight as a night to indulge in an orgasmic experience. Yes, I just said that, and no, I won't gross you out with my next statement... read on.  I went to Cold Stone Creamery, the devil's storefront, and had a small Oreo Creme Ice Cream with Oreo cookies mixed in. 
Oh my God. It's good I generally avoid this store at all costs. As Ms. Pyjamas said in her post the other day, I'm an Oreo pusher and that's simply because, I'm a double stuff Oreo addict and this ice cream is just the best second to a double stuff Oreo. Ever.

On another quilting news front, here's the design for my monochromatic challenge block. Since I'm putting all blocks into a quilt, you can see now what my idea was. A number, a shape and a color. What little child wouldn't love this, especially when I use different texture fabrics like I plan to! :)  I told you it would be simple and childlike.
And finally, my UFO challenge quilt #6 is my Summer Porch quilt. That's the one I'll be finishing this month.

Cheers! Beck


John'aLee said...

Congratulations girlie. That is a great site that you have posted for. Your block is great too. As always....you made me smile this morning. Those cookies look divine. Have a great Tuesday!

Barb said...

I will have to go and check out what you had to say about yourself.... Those oreos look awesome....I don't not in no way want to find this place...it is vooodoo...

Shay said...

You're famous and I'll be able to say I knew you when.

I hadnt forgotten about your challenge but I wondered if you had. Im looking forward to it with equal measures of terror and excitement.

I lobve the block for the monochromatic challenge. A whole quilt of numbers , colours and shapes is going to look fabulous!

And now you're tempting me with Icecream too? Good Grief you're a cow.

Kate said...

Congratulations on the feature post! Great block for the monochromatic challenge! It's too cold here to even think about ice cream!