Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally, SNOW!

I've been saying all I wanted was snow in this country location I'm renting so I can enjoy the pretty white views.  I've finally got it but before I get to pictures, I have to let you know how the afternoon went.

At about 4pm, my work internet cut out. My little AT&T air card could not get signal. Yikes! I transfered to my home aircard, Sprint, and was able to finish up work for the day then work offline for the rest of the day. It's a good thing there is a Sprint cell tower in my neighbor's yard or I fear that wouldn't have been possible either.

So, DD and I are having a rare, nice evening (she's 14, I'm grumpy by nature, it's rare) and the hubs is at a conference in NC. We are chatting and watching TV When, 7:30pm, the DirecTV signal goes out. Ahh, bummer. So I put her to work. I sent her into the other room with a stack of strips cut for my postage stamp quilt along with the instructions to toss them all on the bed and then just pile them back up. Like 52 card pick-up. Exactly 1 hour later, power flickers a couple times and goes out.

I admit, I had a teeny-weeny self-pity moment wondering what to do. Yep, about 3 seconds there I thought maybe I should cry and have a tantrum but then the real me returned and I went down, moved stored boxes, had a picture drop on my foot slicing a chunk of skin off with the corner of the frame  and checked the breaker just to be sure it was weather and not my house.

Went back upstairs, realized it truly is pitch black in the country at night when even the moon is covered by clouds. Gave DD extra blankets, told her to dress warm, gave her one of the dogs, and instructions not to flush the toilet unless she pooped.  Handed her a flashlight, said she could read for a bit and then nighty-night.  I took the other two dogs, dressed warm, read until about 9pm and nighty-night. 

In the midst of this, I was also about to have a dead cell phone. I was just about to go to the car and charge it for a bit when I remembered the hubs got something that I was never sure was necessary. It was a remote charger thing for our phones. GO HUBS! You ROCK, I'll admit it. YOU WERE RIGHT. (and see, I even said it to the world.) Phone now charging, I was able to call our electric company and report the outage (after 4 tries of circuits being busy).

At 4am, the power came back on. Woo-hoo NOVEC. I was concerned about where I'd have to go to work today but all looks good for productivity. lol  There are no "snow" days for home workers, I don't think. DD just woke up, enjoying another day off of school and the dogs loved being out of their crates for the night and in the beds but hopefully, tonight and tomorrow will bring normalcy back. 

At last, here is the snow scenery I am finally enjoying.



Stray Stitches said...

Sounds like quite an afternoon but I'm glad things are back to normal. The pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

What beautiful scenery. sorry about your foot...

Regina said...

Very nice. I wish I were enjoying ours but I've been shoveling since I woke up until 1:30 with more to do still and I'm OVER it. :P

Shay said...

Hopefully you can find that chunk of skin and glue it back on ...or wait for it to grow back naturally.

See- my first thought in a power outage is that someone is outside cutting the power to come and get me...

The pictures look lovely ...of course I dont actually have to deal with the snow, so it all looks pretty to me.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

beautiful pictures, Becky!

I'm glad you enjoyed a nice evening at home with a teenager - and glad she enjoyed a day off from school.

We have about 8 inches here and school was canceled as well.

I'm so glad your power came back on!!

Anonymous said...

If you lived in the city you wouldn't have ANY of these issues!! ;-)
I love the pic of the old store and the lone tree in the back yard!!

Im not doing the flower challenge. she is a poopy head, all fancy editing, BAH!!


Myra said...

Glad you are happy with your snow... Frankly I'm tired of it! lol! Spring can't come too soon!

Kate said...

Being without power is such an annoyance. Sounds like you made the best of it. Glad it came back on before the work day started. I never thought that home workers wouldn't get snow days. If the office closes down, shouldn't you be allowed to as well?

Beautiful photographs!