Monday, January 10, 2011

I want to post a show and tell...

but I have nothing to show.

No show means I can only tell.

Tell #1: J decided to make a quilt for his soon to be born step-brother (as in, on the 12th the C-section is schedeuled!).  No, not me, on the ex's side.  I am happily over the baby thing. This was a designed by J with a small whisper of inspiration for something easy to do by me and is being put together by both of us. As we work this, I'm writing a tutorial for you all. It's probably stuff you already know how to do but J thought it would be fun and hey, who am I to argue with an 11 year old who wants to step into the quilting world and see it posted about? And a boy at that! (I'm imagining great things from him in the future where we can all say, "we saw his stuff when". lol)

Tell #2: I've have enough fabric for my monochromatic block but frankly, I'm not happy with them. There's not enough texture. I think Tell # 3 is firmly in order now.

Tell #3: I must go to JoAnn Fabrics. I need to get a 2.5" GO dye for my Accuquilt cutter (OMG, I LOVE that thing - see Tell #4) and now, some additional fabrics with TEXTURE for my monochromatic block.

Tell #4: I've decided to write an Accuquilt cutter review.  This will serve one of three purposes. 1- reinforce why you love the Accuquilt cutter if you have one, or 2- make you work really hard to save up and buy one, or 3- remind me not to be such a wuss about trying new things (you'll understand when I write it).

Tell #5: Three of the four quilt tops for the last minute Christmas quilts are completed. Quilting commences this week and the 4th top gets piecing started tomorrow evening.  Something super easy.  There's nothing like working on a Christmas quilt in Jan. but then, since they are more "comfort quilts" which came about due to a divorce, maybe I shouldn't refer to them as Christmas quilts any longer but actually as Comfort Quilts?

Tell #6: No work on my PhD/UFO #6 yet but I anticipate completing it fairly quickly once I load it on the frame. I believe I'm still on track to do this before the end of January. (It's my lie, let me live it how I want.)

Tell #7: I became a detective in the Quilting Is Murder Quilting Mystery (and as soon as I can find the button code again, I will add that to my side bar.) You should join too! I think I'll be making a lot more purchases of goodies through this but OH THE FUN! Anyway, it IS free and in it's first "clue" week until the 15th so, sign up and play along!

Tell #8: I'd been thinking I might like to participate in a block/fabric swap this year since I've never done one and I am now confident enough in my work that I don't think I'll offend anyone with what I send them. I have also been thinking about making those Mug Rugs Ms. Barb has been showing off so beautifully and even provided a tutorial for.  Then I found this Mug Rug Swap on Quilting Bloggers and now I'm trying hard to talk myself out of adding to my already full plate and NOT signing up. I'm losing this argument.  After all, they are small, can be quilted quickly on my domestic machine, and I would only need to make 2.  And the crowning argument? I could "double" my creation and use 2 for the upcoming giveaway I know I'll be participating in come February. -sigh- You'll know my decision if you see another button pop up in a day or two. 

Honestly people, all I have to say for myself is, "I have nothing to say."  I just want to know, "what is wrong with me?" LOL

Okay, I've tattled on all quilt related items except one.  Tomorrow, I start again wtih my love/hate affair with Ms. Jillian Michaels.  I threw her to the curb early Nov. last year for reasons only known to the Sweet King but she's accepted my apology and has decided to give me one last chance. I don't think she's going to be easy on me. Thankfully, Tara at TINYGLUTTON is also working with Jillian and we are going to do our best to keep each other motivated. 

Tell #9:  My stats again.  159lbs now.  (Bad girl, gained it back from before.) 25-30lbs to lose

Anyone else want to tell on themselves while they have the chance? No?  Yeah, I thought it was just me.

Tell #10:  I'm having a glass of wine to cope with laying out all my "sins" to the world. (I really just wanted to "tell" you 10 things.)

Cheers! Beck


Shay said...

I'll confess because I dont really care ...I've put 3 kilos (6.6 pounds ) back on over Christmas and am now tipping the scales at 175 pounds ...eeek.

There I said it out loud. Happy now? Of course I'm 6 foot 6 so I can carry it well. Nah ha ha .

Very cool tells today Becks.

Well done J. That's fantastic. Cant wait to see the finish.

Congratulations on the progress for the comforting not Christmas quilts. Pictures?

More challenges? Are you crazy woman? There are only 24 hours in a day! I avoided a swap yesterday but was very very tempted...

Anonymous said...

Sins? What sins? 'I'm writting ANOTHER BLOG about aqua-quilts?' Btw, I hate wet blankets. And you are talking to Jillain? EXCUSE ME!! WHERE IS MY INTRODUCTION?!? I know she would love me more and never, ever turn her back on me.
Shit, woman!! SLOW DOWN!!
3 day weekend comin up, whatcha doin'??




Anonymous said...


Shay said...

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat an Aussie chick Bean...

I was ignoring the fact she has a relationship with Jillian Michaels Bean. You should too - we dont want to encourage fitness.

Thea said...

so I don't even know who Jillian is .. but I think you guys clued me in. and now that I think about it I may have read that post.

Okay, I haven't gotten on the scale since before Christmas but I am hoping I'm not more than 165 -- I however am only 5' 3" so I'm figuring I have at least 45 pounds to lose. However, my first goal is 150, but to get there I have to eat less. :(

Have you done the Quilt Mystery thing before? I think I might check it out.

Barb said...

Wow....that was alot said...but Jillian, I just love her and well...I need to get with the program, all this moving and traveling has made me pay the price....I am embarassed for myself.

don't know if I am getting out tomorrow.....

Regina said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your life. How do you fit everything in? So glad you and Jillian are getting along again. ha ha I was wondering if you were still doing her video. I want to buy it one of these days.