Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Flood Relief Appeal Auctions

Ladies and Gentlemen,
With the terrible flooding through Queensland, Australia, many of us have asked "can we do something to help?" 


You can donate directly to the Queensland Government  and/or you can place a bid or bids on various auctions which will begin to be held on Monday, January 17.

Toni at Make It Perfect is organizing a world-wide blog auction event.  Each auctioneer participant will hold an auction from his or her own blog with the proceeds going to the Queensland Government Relief Fund.

I wlil be one of those "auctioneers" please circle back here on Monday and look through the other auctions which will be listed on Toni's blog.  Auctions will run through the week. 

If you want to help, this is a fun way to do it. It wasn't that long ago the United States needed flood assistance in New Orleans and many of you out there know the region still hasn't fully recovered. Let's do what we can to make Queensland recovery as painless as possible.


John'aLee said...

Love your that you that YOU are DOING something to help. Blessings....

Shay said...

You're a legend Beck.

The situation in Queensland is dire and people all over the world are pitching in to help.

Thanks for being one of them !

Marg said...

Thank you so much Beck, there are so many people here in Queensland that have been affected by this terrible natural disaster. I have been very lucky as have most people in this area, only torrential rain but no direct flooding to houses, just the tiny inconvenience of roads being cut. So many people and such a huge area that has been inundated, even today there are more towns that are waiting anxiously as the flood waters head towards them.
Thank you thank you thank you for doing such a great thing to help the people of our State!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

can't wait to check back here on Monday - I just saw the heartbreaking story about the 13 year old that said to save his brother instead.

Thanks for helping - can't wait to participate.