Friday, May 6, 2011

INSPIRATION (Don't miss this post, trust me)

Folks, we often find inspiration in the simplest things but what happens when you ask for it and receive an answer? Well, you go with it, just as this woman did.

Truly inspiring and I will never complain about a difficult quilting session again.  (Okay, I'll complain but I'll give thanks while I do it.)

Watch this beautiful video and yes, have some tissues at the ready.


Cheers! Beck


P. said...

I loved this, Becky. You know, my grandma, who I posted about the other day, gradually went blind in her later years but kept on quilting. She had to give up sewing by machine (that was before automatic threaders) and had to have someone thread her needles to hand sew, but she kept at it as long as she could. Women like that are truly an inspiration.

Shay said...

She's one amazing lady isnt she ?

Kind of puts our quilting mishaps in perspective. Some people are truly inspiring.