Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QAL weeks 6 (& update on me)

This week for the QAL, all I am asking you to do is layout your blocks in the pattern you want and then start sewing them together into rows and then sew the rows together. 

Next week will be borders and then, the drawing for the participant prize!  As promised, when I went to Lancaster area in PA, I picked it up. It's a small fat quarter bundle. If it so happens I have more participants who've been hiding away and pictures of completed tops are posted at the end of week 7, then I will add second, smaller gift, a pocket quilter's diary.
I do hope you all are doing well and please check in with any questions or updates here or on our FLICKR page. :)

Now, update on me. I have no update. Life is status quo and it's driving me crazy! I'm living on some great land but in a horrible, small house that I cannot get organized in. For me, no organization = no productivity in house needs, quilt needs, personal needs.  It's hard to just make myself do things but I'm trying. Getting away to PA with my friend and an area quilt guild was a fun diversion and a much needed step away from where I was going with my own little self-pitying madness. (Okay, maybe that was an extreme representation but I swear I could have stepped into that pool easily enough.) Anyway, we've put bids on houses, we've put in bids on land, we've written contracts, we've travelled so far around 2 counties,  and I'm so versed in the real estate market around here (9 months looking and counting!) I think I could pick out a house online now. Good lord, we have cash in hand for land, we have great credit, we have reasonable bids for the market. The problem, too many people are underwater in their mortages and the banks aren't willing to work short-sales too much yet. Foreclosures on the market are still few and far between and/or are listed at the inflated price the bank still was owed from the previous owners. We do not want to rent and piss our money away for the next couple of years. The tax hit this year was enough to remind us it's not a favorable option but really, what the heck?!  Alright, so that's my update. Life continues with family and kids just fine otherwise, thank goodness.

So, in no particular order, here are pictures of all the goodies I bought in PA and visiting with my mom over Easter.  The last photo is a teaser.  What do you think I will be doing with that fabric?
 BOOTS! I love em, I've been waiting for years to find the perfect pair and these babies are it. I may get another pair just as a back up. :D

     How cute are these chicken applique? Fried chicken, chicken divan, chicken gumbo! Love it.

FQ bundles, 25 for $30 each and a pretty fabric!

Monopoly fabric for a quilt for my son. I brought it home and his face lit up, I am glad I snagged it. A pattern for the friend who took me on the PA trip. She said I can make her this quilt and I promised I would but warned it might be 5 years from now! hehe
A decoration for my new sewing room, if and when I get one!
Finally, this beatiful fabric.  What, do you think I will be doing with this?

Quilt along pals, check in! If you haven't started, you still have time to participate if you make a smaller table topper.  That's only four blocks and border. You can do it, I'm sure!

Cheers! Becky


Kate said...

Hope the house/land hunting gets better soon. Love all your goodies!

Barb said...

Those chickens are adorable...and fabric....yummy...

Good luck with the house hunt, I know it is frustrating and you don't want to hear this but I just have to say it "Something will come along soon"...there I said it....just had to....hope life stabilizes for you soon.

Shay said...

Love the boots Becks. You could do some proper butt kicking with those. There's nothing like a comfy pair of boots.

Love the fabric , pattern eye candy. You bought up big!

That black and white fabric is border and binding fabric for your current PP quilt.