Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh-In Weds. -- I got nothing

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So, no weight gained or lost this week for all the same lame arse reasons previously listed. That's the good and bad of it.   I saw the Biggest Loser Winner on the Today show this morning and have to say, I felt like crap because she said all the right things about it being an internal change in your mentality and recognizing your body and it's needs. I just wanted to punch her.  Then she said, "it takes time, it took a long time to get on and takes a long time to get off."  Okay, I didn't want to punch her anymore and can honestly say, well done her!  lol

I don't have a new recipe for you either so I'm going to link you to an old standby. This chicken sandwich is a favorite for the summer.

Cheers! Beck


Quiet Quilter said...

I am meandering between two points on the scale...I don't consider losing any lbs until those two points move, hopefully down, the meantime, I feel as if I have lost inches (I do not measure much either) saving grace is that muscles weigh more than fat so when I gain, I figure I just added more muscle!!!

Appreciate the recipes.

thea said...

Sorry, but at least you didn't gain .. I got on the scale this week 172 lbs. wow! that's 20 pounds more than I weight 9 months pregnant. I'm thinking of writing that number on my hand so that I think about what I'm eating before I do it ...

Shay said...

I figure any week where you dont put anything on is a win. Im sure that it's far easier for Biggest Loser contestants to lose weight consistently as well because they have much more to lose.

I'm making an effort this week not to eat so much junk and pretty much failing at it dismally.

Marg said...

I agree, it's a bummer not losing if you were hoping to, but at least it's not a gain.
I have to lose weight, again, sigh. My life is a series of diets. It is all about the mentality, of which I have none. This time I'm just going to try and reduce the portion sizes, as when I cut out all the stuff i love I just crave it. I'm also going to try vegetables with something as opposed to something with vegetables, so that the vegetables are the main ingredient. I hope I last longer than 5 mins this time!