Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weigh-In Weds. & Jillian Michaels. Again

Well folks, as I came to realize, I've been letting all my life upheavals interfere with taking care of myself. As a consequence I gained back the weight I lost (again) because I didn't stay committend.  This time, I'm relying on all of you. I went down a pants size and back up the first time around. NOT AGAIN.

Here's why.
1) I recognize I am eating out of boredom and depression and stress.  That's a deadly combination folks.  I'm also being lazy for the same reasons.
--DUH!! Old athlete in me, the smart person in me and my dietician SIL (and nurse mom) all understand this is a vicious cycle that just lends to re-inforcing those same behaviors.

2) I have been looking in the mirror lately and thinking how bad I look. I realized I get into a habit of not looking but that has stopped working, I'm forcing myself to look again. Be honest with myself. Be accountible.

3) I feel like crap. I'm always tired. I get winded too easily, I don't want to move... again, a cycle of behavior that will change when I make myself stronger agian.

4) Summer is here and I love fresh vegetables and fruits and cooking fresh. It will be easier to tailor my diet and by fall/winter, my goal is to have a good handle on bringing all those good veggies into my winter diet (I plan to can this summer to ensure I get what I love year round.)

5) I've realized I can't keep waiting for my life to be organized and settle before I pay attention to this because I can't control some of these external stressors and I'm only creating my own internal ones (feeling like crap, tired, etc.) by NOT doing this.

Excuses are over. Not wanting it is over. I want it, I want to treat myself to things I don't (like a new skirt or shirt) beacuse I don't want to buy a bigger size. I want to feel good about my fitness level and about how I look. I want to naturally fight the stressors in my life by creating those damn endorphins.  I want this, this time.

All that said, here's the accountibility.

Today, I weigh 168 pounds. I am 5'2" tall.
Today, I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video (again). Also again, I put the sailors to shame with my langauge. (This post said it all.)
Today, I ate a small bowl of cereal and 1% (sorry, just can't get to skim) milk for breakfast. I'm eating an interesting little pasta bowl for lunch.(about 1/2 cup bow-tie pasta -cleaned out last of white and from here on out all whole-wheat - with about 3 ounces cooked kale, 2 cloves of minced, sauteed garlic, 1/8 cup diced, sauteed onion and 1 tsp sweet potato butter. cook all and mix. It's interesting, alright.) and a homemade sorbet for dessert (I love me my ice cream in the summer so I am determined to make fruit sorbets as a great alternative). Finally, I'm going to have 1/2 a yogurt for snack and dinner is still up in the air. I am thinking fish, probably salmon with an island marinade I made the other day.

I am not paying for Weight Watchers any longer but I will keep a daily log of what I'm eating and how I am exercising. I am thinking that if I post this on Weigh-In Wednesdays, I will be accounting for myself publically so please bear with me on this quilter's blog, this once per week post.

And there you have it. I'm off to A Ditchin Time Quilts blog to update those posting on weight loss on my own regression and renewed intent.

Thank you my friends.


thea said...

I was thinking almost the same thing about me this morning .. except I hadn't gotten as organized as you. I will check in with you to see how you're doing and maybe try myself. Good luck!

Lisa said...

I'm working hard to loose it again too, weight more now than ever before! I got a $4 dvd at wallmart on using the exercise ball for core exercises, it's amazing & so helpful! The lady says at one point "keep going, you've got to get out of your comfort zone if you want to change your body". And that's what keeps me going. I feel better all day, and have less desire to eat too much or eat junk. BEST WISHES!! =)

Quiet Quilter said...

I'll virtually join you. I am 178 and am 5 feet tall. No need to to into particulars and this can be a casual thing. Just to let you know you are not alone...

Sandra said...

Hey, I am there with you. I lost 20 lbs then proceeded to eat my way back up. Three weeks ago I made the same decision that you wrote about. I am 6 lbs lighter and feels so much better about myself already! I am 5ft tall, in my 60s and will never be thin, but I can be healthy. Hang in there - take it one day at a time. There are many of us out here with the same problems.

Barb said...

Oh....I had lost 30 pounds, when you saw me I had gained 15 back...I was so embarassed but wasn't going to let that stop me from meeting you. Today I started a new way of life as well...we must be thinking along the same lines.
Good luck!

Nana B said...

I know warmer weather and fewer layers (oh that is me and not the turtleneck under the sweater making those rolls) always gets me back on my feet. Now to control the eating!!

Regina said...

That is still my all time favorite post. I was thinking that I want her dvd but realized the other day that I can work out with her on demand so count me in as a virtual work out buddy. We can curse her together. I haven't worked out in a long long time.

Shay said...

I think winter is always dangerous for packing on the pounds. It seems so much easier to eat better in the warmer months.

You can do this because you are one of the most determined people I know.

Im planning to lose all the Easter egg chocolate that has found it's way to my butt and gut over the last couple of weeks!

Teresa in Music City said...

Good for you Becky! I too am having to take an honest look at how I am mismanaging my weight "loss" - you've encouraged me to buckle down and get those pounds off too!

annmarie said...

You can do it, Becky! I know you can. Go Becky Go!!!