Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Candy Causes Bomb Scare

Remember that post-Sewing Summit mini swap I was in? The one I created the Confused Geese mini quilt for?  Heard from my swap partner and she loves it.  I'm so relieved and proud of myself that I could deliver something so liked.  Makes me feel like I don't always produce crap. :D

Now, however, I have to share that bomb scare thingy that happened in our house today. Daughter comes home and brings in the mail. I ask her if there is anything good in the mail and she replies, "umm, there's a couple advertisements, looks like bills and box thingy." 

Me: "Is it a good box thingy?"
DD: "I don't know, but it's making noise, like rattling." She walks into the room and starts to hand the stack to me.
Me: "What are you doing? I don't want the bills, advertisements or a rattling box? Is it a bomb, because if it's a bomb, then that's the tri-fecta of bad mail and here you are handing it to me."
DD: "Well if it's a bomb you wouldn't want me handling it would you?"
Me: "Of course I would, especially since you were the foolish one who picked it up out of the mailbox in the first place. Besides, now that you've done that and we discussed whether it was a bomb, if I open it and it goes boom, you will be an accessory to murder b/c you gave it to me."
DD: "I don't care, I'm outta here. I'll listen for the boom."

Geez, this is my daughter, where's the love?

So I set about opening the "bomb" (really a USPS Priority mail envelope which is bulging and rattling with each movement.) I have to share my thoughts with you, you will find them amusing.

"What is this? Is it from my swap partner? It's elk fabric... did I order fabric that hasn't come in? I don't remember ordering this." 

As I turn over the plastic bag this was in, I realize it's a bag. A small bag with a drawstring.  "Oh! This is nice, I like this."

I pull the drawstring bag out of the plastic back and look at it, yep, there's something inside!  I open it up and glance in and see a little fabric, graph paper book.  "Cool".  And I notice some chewy candy, "ahh the rattling." 

Then I see a mini-quilt.  In my excitement to open the folded gift, I completely overlook the fabric on the back. Had I noticed it, I might have had a clue as to what the mini looked like before I opened it because I saw a peak of this mini on our Flickr group. As a matter of fact, when the picture was first posted I commented the partner was a "lucky partner!" :)

That said, I unfolded the quilt and might have screamed like a girl...Well, not quite (I don't know if I ever screamed like a girl) but I did holler, "Yey!!" In a loud and high pitched voice.  Then I couldn't stop smiling for about an hour.  Not kidding.  Even now, I am upstairs, it's downstairs and I'm grinning at the thought of it. 

You see, this particular mini just makes me happy. I'm so thrilled to have received it and beyond thrilled I can look at it anytime I want, IN REAL LIFE! :-)  Actually, I was so happy with the mini and the bag and the notebook (and candy and sweet little hand-made card) that I wanted to fly to my partner's home in WY to deliver a hug.

I don't do hugs.

Sharon of A Prairie Sunrise sent me the following in my bomb envelope. All hand made. 

The card was made by her mom (and is quite sweet looking), the little bag is from one hunter's wife to another but I am sure she won't mind if I actually use it for when I go hunting. It will be great for adding a hat, gloves, hand warmers, turkey call.. :)  The notebook (also made by her mom) is made with graph paper and a fabric cover so I can start sketching out quilt ideas. This tickles me. I've heard of folks sketching them out but I've just never really thought I would be one of those people. I don't like drawing but with the arrival of this little notebook, I'm actually looking forward to using it.  Sharon is a wise woman.
And finally, the mini. Isn't this just gorgeous? And happy? And fun?
I love it Sharon. I love that you finished the fun with a rainbow binding and glow in the dark thread for the quilting. I tried to get a photo of the glowing thread but couldn't.  What I can tell you folks, though, is if you are quilting for a kid, get this thread and do a cool quilt design on the quilt.  They will love it. 

Btw, what do you think about the photo I took? I was experimenting based on what I learned about photography at the Sewing Summit.  I took several photos in the hopes I could share with you a little of what I learned.

I hope your day went as well as mine but if not, there's always tomorrow for good things to come your way.



QuiltNut Creations said...

that is just too funny! I love your mini quilt; too pretty!

Pat said...

You're funny and lucky!

Deb said...

That is beautiful! I love the rainbowness of it. And your bomb story was pretty funny!

Kristie said...

That mini is fantastic. Glow in the dark thread? I will have to be on the lookout for that, how very cool!

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh! I never even thought about the rattling of the lemonhead friends in their box!!! OY! Sorry about that. O_o

I am so glad that you like the mini! I grinned when I first read your "lucky partner" comment. I saw lots of rainbow stars in your Flickr favorites & since you seem to do a lot of foundation piecing I thought I'd branch out and learn a little myself!

I hunt a little too (just deer so far), but haven't the past 2 seasons because of moves & such. I'd love to go turkey hunting sometime. I may just have to head East for a hunt one of these years. :)

There are no airports nearby, but you can fly into Casper or Scottsbluff, NE & I'll pick you up. ;)

I made the sketchbook not my mom, but I don't mind her getting the credit. She was my creative inspiration growing up, I just never appreciated it until recently. I'm glad that you like it. I hope you are able to use it often for all your ideas & designing!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a mini? A quilt for Barbi? You like Barbi as much as you love hugs! Love from your daughter? Probably as much love as you give me!

Myra said...

Love your mini Beck! Very cute!

Shay said...

That mini quilt is so cute! (love your staging for the photos too...I must try that!)

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I dont think *anyone* had such a good day as you, LOL, and really glad it wasn't a bomb!

Kay Lynne said...

Funny story! Love the mini quilt! Glow in the dark thread--that would be neat to quilt in the dark with :)

SewCalGal said...

Too funny. LOL! Glad you are safe from the bomb scare. Love your mini quilt too.


Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

that´s a beautiful idea to sew a mini spiderweb, if you don´t have enough time for a big quilt ;o)))