Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weigh In Weds. clarification

Um, if any of you saw the comment by Quilting in My Pyjamas on my last post, you will probbaly understand why I'm posting this additional clarification to that same post.
Shay was commenting (if I know here only partially) about her gluttony as shew as reading my post and it made me realize, I have to explain my intent a little more clearly and maybe some of you might be more inclined to at least consider joining me (or at least not consdider me an epic fail when I tell you of certain splurges later on.)  hehe

That said, I re-joined WW online since I'm on the computer or phone all the time, with the iPhone App, it's easy for me to use it to track my points and weight. It allows me to get credit for my exercize, which I love.

When I started Monday, I found I was super motivated, ate really well and come evening (even after my husband made beef tips and a glass of wine), I had 7 daily points left which I was supposed to eat. I also had my 2 activity points on top of that which I could use if I wished. But I wasn't hungry and it was 7pm and I didn't want to force feed myself just because I had points. I decided a glass of Chocolate Silk would be a good way to get a couple points down but add protein b/c of my exercise. I chose that over the slice of chocolate cake sitting in the refrigerator. 

Now, before you think me all goodie, goodie, I knew I was going out with a friend the following day and I had NO intention of eating well and I didn't. Wait, I started well, a fruit cup and non-fat latte at Panera. Then for lunch, after shopping at Hobby Lobby, I did eat cruddy and it was WELL WORTH IT!! I ate at Firehouse Subs, an 8" beef brisket & cheddar sub w/ barbecue sauce and mayo.  A small bag of sour cream and cheddar ruffles and a large seltzer water flavored with raspberry syrup. (That was my nod to a healthy choice. LOL) This meal alone left me 1 point away from reaching my daily total. Clearly, with breakfast and dinner, I'd be over my points.   

Last stop of Tues., still with my friend, McDonald's.  I had a side salad w/ ranch and 4 piece nugget.  At least I had a hot tea instead of soda, right?  That put me over my points for the day and into the "courtesy extra" points, as I call them. I was not going to stress over it. 

Wednesday, I did fine. Decent breakfast, big salad for lunch with about 1 oz of leftover steak (I'm trying hard to be sure we eat all leftovers these days) and for dinner, a sandwich since I wasn't all that hungry (and hubs didn't want to wait for pot pie). Plus I worked out.

I am not starving from the workouts and I'm not over doing the stress about eating. I'm just trying to re-think about my eating and make sure I'm balancing the choices a little more evenly and regularly. I don't want to give up all my good stuff at once or I'll fail. First step is to better balance and start exercising regularly again. Second step, increase the exercise. Third step, as I'm feeling better and looking better (and i'm anticipating this to be right around spring time... slow and steady is my motto to be sure it's a lifestyle change) I know my body will crave the healthier foods more often, so I will be revamping recipe index and shopping lists further. :)

So, Ms. Pyjamas, no problem with your dinner. I'd ask, what's for lunch tomorrow? -wink-


Shay said...

Probably Maccas again. Or maybe crispy skin chicken!

I have been eating more salad and fruit and feeling pretty darn virtuous about it.

Glad to hear you havent completely gone over to the dark side.

Grey Cat said...

I joined a gym yesterday with my husband. I'm not doing Weight Watchers along with it, but I'm trying to practice better portion control.

I'm not in this to lose weight, though that'll be a nice side effect. I want to feel healthier, and not be winded by playing with my little boy.