Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Now I know I can make a skirt.

I bought the Favorite Things Cute Skirts (V023) pattern a while back because I wanted to make a skirt for the Stash Bash.
Then I decided, if I was going to use the beautiful Simply Color Vanessa Christianson fabric, I wanted to be able to wear it for a while. I didn't want to make something only to be unable to wear it due to the weight loss I've been working on. And before you say it, it's enough I'm thinking about making simple clothing. I have yet to be of the mentality that altering clothing is not that hard.   :)

I cut everything out of my test fabrics and then got to sewing. The pattern was very easy to read and quick to do. This post is short and sweet so here you can see my progress.   Pardon J, he was commenting I should make an apron out of it somewhere in the middle of the process.

(ps - my belly is a little bit smaller, even now.  yay!)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

The slippers are the crowning touch. Love the skirt.

Shay said...

I agree with Barbara- the slippers MAKE that outfit.

Both you and the skirt look fabulous!

Linda F. said...

It looks as though it fits perfectly! (and I noticed the slippers too!)