Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Swoon Loving

My interpretation of the song Summer Loving from Grease? Check it out...

Swoonin loving, had me a blast
Swoonin loving, happened so fast
I saw a fabric perfect for me
Found a fabric cute as can be

Summer sun, something's begun
But, oh, oh, the summer nights

Well-a well-a well-a huh
Tell me more, tell me more
Was it love at first sight?
Tell me more, tell me more
Did the fabric piece right?

Well I will tell you more! I had been wanting to create a non-holiday kitchen wall quilt and struggled with what to create that would appeal to hubs while, at the same time, meet my desire for color and go with the kitchen design.  Finally,  it hit me. A swoon block from Camille Roskelley's Swoon Pattern.  
I started searching fabrics but couldn't decide which 2 out of the 4 star fabrics to use. I didn't quite have enough of one but found a substitute, can you see it? I ended up making 2 swoon minis and use one as a counter mat under my fruit and veggie bowls while the other is on the wall.
Wait, what does this have to do with Grease and Summer Loving? It's just that as I was sewing away, I couldn't stop singing this song. It was a pretty summer night and I thought I'd share.
Back to the story, I feel like these blocks come together fairly quickly and these two swoons didn't disappoint. I added a small border using the leftover triangles, then I grabbed one large backing and batting piece each, and loaded them up on the frame. I quilted the same design into both and now they are interchangeable. 

Wall or counter, it matters not! Maybe I better use up my fresh produce before it goes bad though, don't you think?


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