Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have an aversion to DS' quilt

I honestly think I have some deep down aversion to his quilt and therefore, I keep "conveniently forgetting" to work on it. To date, I STILL have not cut the fabric for his quilt. Seriously, it's a pineapple, paper-pieced quilt I had originally intended to give (completed) for Christmas. He knows it's coming, picked out the fabrics. WHAT am I waiting for?

This week, I will cut the fabric this week.

Here's an update on progress for the other items:

colored psalm blocks for bible study - ongoing
2 Mystery qulit tops - 1 done, other still needs border. These will wait until after Christmas to finish.
F's top - design changed but fabrics all washed and pressed. Cutting this week (simple square pattern)
Winter scene kit for wall - being cut
DS #3 top - not even cut
Nieces fleece blanket - next in line to be quilted

That's that. Let me know if you can find me some time in between work, kids, coaching, athletic director requirements, sleep, attn to dogs, Christmas to do's and coffee to finish, would you? Everytime I look the schedule seems a bit tight! ;)

Okay, I have faith it will work out. I'm sure I'll post pics when all is complete rather than pause now. Stay tuned.


Linda said...

Wow! No wonder you don't post often--you have a really, really busy life! Sorry I can't find you any extra time--I do have some to spare but it just doesn't travel well!! Hang in there!
Lurking Linda

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Well Linda, it's a "seasonal" busy. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Wtih luck, I'm hoping I can make posting weekly, at least, a new year's resolution because I really do love to have an audience when I laugh at myself! Happy Holidays!
Becky (aka, Sarcastic Quilter)