Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yes, more minis!

But this will be it for a while. The following were swaps signed up for last year and finished this year.  The Schnitzel and Boo IG Mini Swap, the Disney Quilt Swap and the Bitches Get Stitches Swap. I will post in order here because if you don't like profanity or sexual innuendos you will have the opportunity to leave the post and ignore my little creations and pics of what I received. Yes, it was meant to be swap a little on the raunchy side and it was a whole lot of fun.

First up, the Schnitzel and Boo IG Mini Swap.
I ended up making for a person who lived a town or two away from me and happened to just join the Fredericksburg Modern Guild so I had a chance to get to know her a little before making the mini.  She said she liked things that looked a little different than others and that she liked BariJ, Art Gallery fabrics.  I pondered and pondered but ended up deciding that a disappearing pinwheel using the fabrics would be neat approach so I went for it.  And I liked it. Thankfully, so did Beth. :)
The person who made for me Becky (IG: @keepmeinstitches), well, from the moment I saw this posted on InstaGram I was hoping and hoping it was mine. There isn't one thing about her package that didn't sing to me. The deer heads, camoflauged in the Joel Dewberry fabrics, a wristlet made with Joel Dewberry Notting Hill, and a JD jelly roll. Sing, sing, sing... loved the colors, too!

Second up, Disney Mini Quilt Swap.
I struggled a lot with this one for my first partner because I was intimidated by some of her skills but as fate was watching out for me, she needed to back out of the swap due and I was reassigned an angel.  Since I hadn't started anything yet for my original partner, I was able to create something special to the angel and I love what I came up with. I went with a minimalist approach to Genie, her favorite, then sent her along a Cheshire cat mug rug and Disney mug with a couple other of her "favorites" on it.

The person who made for me (IG: @evil_moogle) went over the top. She found some Seven Dwarfs fabric and highlighted my favorite dwarf Grumpy. It's so spot on I can't help but grin every time I see it.  Then she did this awesome cross-stitch hanging and added a few Grumpy decals that I could use for good measure.  So cool!
This was such a fun swap to make and receive and most certainly to watch others create.

Last up, the Bitches Get Stitches Mini Swap (warning, profanity below). Stop reading the remainder of this post if you prefer not to see it.
This swap had clean to really naughty levels. I think my curse and "dirty" factor landed somewhere in the middle despite my favorite curse word being "fuck".  However, the lady I was making for, Miranda, let me tell you, she was a saint. I sent this swap SO LATE because we moved unexpectedly and Miranda patiently waited for me to send along her package. She should be receiving it any day now but I think she will like it. She made a comment, the dirtier the better so I went with it. Thinking innuendos, I found a few phrases on the internet and printed them on fabric.
The first: "Remember, it's not polite to spit." I put this onto a cup cozy and sent along the cup, with the cozy on it and some bachelorette straws. Not just any straws, penis straws! I feel pretty freaky even writing that.
The second said, "INVITATION: We are hosting a charity concert for people who struggle to reach orgasm.   If you can't come, please let me know."  I put this on a zippy pouch. (hehehe)
The third said, "My fortune cookie told me to masturbate. 'Why not treat yourself to a good time instead of waiting for someone else to do it?' "  This went on the same zippy pouch as the other but on the opposite side. (evil grin)
Lastly, I went with a straight and simple, "What. The. Fuck."  This went onto a simple mug rug.
I also bought a bright pink baseball cap to send along that said, "Classy Bitch." It seemed appropriate.
Also, though, since she waited SO long, I wanted to send along a thank you for her patience so I made her a mini she could actually hang in public, if she wanted. She loves skulls and crossbones and Anchorman quotes so I put them together and voila!
Update: she received it and likes the package! Yay... (this is her photo)

From another person (IG: @mnnofziger), I received 2 wonderful handmade gifts! A tote where she painted on the fabric some graffiti style "fucks"  and I love them!
The other side has a neat hexi and is clean and prim.
That means I can take this bag out in public and I did just that the other day. The F side is not really in your face noticeable unless you are staring at it.  Also, she stalked well because during this swap I came across a neat coffee mug. I posted it and mentioned I needed to find one somewhere. She commented and we had a little silly back and forth about how everyone needs one. I saw her making one later, saying it was for her partner but it never crossed my mind that I was that partner so when it came in the mail, suffice it to say I was very, very happy and I use that mug pretty frequently during these cold weather days. Heck, I think I need to go get some tea right now that I'm thinking about it. :)
There you go, you are all caught up on my swaps from last year. Do you participate in mini swaps? Do you love them as much as I do?



Paulette said...

I'm enjoying catching up on your minis and other goings on since you have restarted blogging. This post cracked me up. First, you had me at the deer minis, so adorable. Then I laughed out loud at the naughty bits! Hm, you could have a little cottage industry with those zippy pouches. ;)

Michelle said...

I love the Disney quilts. The others...those scare me a bit. :-)