Friday, April 9, 2010

If I were independently wealthy

...I'd quit my job.

...I'd purchase this home. Ferry Landing Home

...I'd purchase a large boat.

...I'd build a small kennel on this property.

...I'd hire someone to clean this home and the kennel.

...I'd hire a kick ass cook for the seasonal events I planned to hold at this home.

...I'd use this home to host dog training sessions for pointers and retrievers.

...finally, I'd use this home to host quilt retreats. If the men wanted to come, I'd get the husband to have a fish and tackle area for fishing on the Potomac. 

...I'd use the boat and hire someone to take the men fishing. The boat would also be used for a great dinner on the water and water cruise up to see DC.

If I were independently wealthy, I'd do all those things even in a smaller home, on a good piece of land, somewhere. If I were independently wealthy, I'd get along fine just doing what I love and opening my home for others to join in and stay awhile. 

Don't you wish I were independently weatlhy?

Cheers! Beck


Barb said...

I am all for the quilt retreats..

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yes I wish you were independently wealthy because it would give me somewhere to come for cool holidays.

I'm not seeing drinking wine and other alcoholic drinks on your deck with your Aussie mates mentioned, so I'll put my hand up for the quilting retreats.

Mr. P will be in the fishing.

I cannot imagine having enough money to buy that beautiful house...and now I'm going to sit here all day dreaming of what I would do if we had money.

Hope your busy life is allowing you time to do somethings for yourself. I'm missing your posts!

Myra said...

Oh to dream... sounds good! 8-)

Love your "Come on Spring" quilt, and wondering what this koozie you mentioned is?

Any more PhDs for me to mark as done? I have 4 out of 8 marked by your name so far... 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Susan Entwistle said...

Waiting for your next post. How's the moving coming along (and where to?)