Sunday, April 25, 2010

WIP/UFO/PhD progress. Wow!

I came  back from my 2 week hiatus ready to sew but work interfered as did a much needed trip to Paducah (more on that in a day or two.)

This weekend, I went to town. I finished week 8 of my pinwheel blocks for our quilt-along. 
Yesterday (Sat.) was week 9 and where we are to add sashing and piece it all together.  Here is a picture of my blocks, in no particular order, that I will be adding sashing to. I'm thinking about just using yellow for the sashing but then, I'm not sure I have enough.  I think green will be too dark and a combination will make it go from fun busy to crazy busy so I'm open to any suggestions you have for the sashing. In the same boat with the pink, I don't think I have enough of any of the other farbrics for sashing either except, possibly, the stripe.  So, any ideas?
Onto the heavy news, my 9th finish of the year. It's also my 5th finish of the WIP/UFO list I started with at the beginning of the year. I'm good with that. If I can, I'm going to knock out one more before I have to pack up my frame for my next move at the end of May.
This quilt was from last year's Old Red Barn's Quilt-along. I used my mom's old calicos from years ago. A stash she gladly passed to me when I started quilting. The colors are soft and floral. Here's front and back. My first attempt at a pieced back and I have to say, I really dislike it.

Totally not my style but the dog liked it! As usual, they got right on it when I laid it down to trim the edges.
That's okay, this one was full of experimental designs, meanders and a test method for binding. It's not really going to anyone so I think it will be a quilt for the dogs - I mean, couch. LOL

How's everyone else doing on their WIP/UFO/PhD progress?


Sam said...

I really like it without sashing,
Very much. Maybe the sashing will dilute the fun aspect. If you want a bigger size, borders. And the dog quilt, I like the back, even better than the front. Very much.
geeeze, I'm disagreeable tonight, I'm trying to be positive and upbeat but it just doesn't come naturally to me. I've been reading you blog this month and enjoy you very much -- thanks for sharing your great work!

Barb said...

Looks like your dogs had already claimed it....

Love your the pinwheels as well....great colors.

lw said...

I think I'd use plain muslin as sashing as a "relief" element between the separate fun blocks. I like that the blocks keep your eyes moving.

Beautiful dogs!!! I think they'll enjoy the quilt even more on the sofa.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

LOVE the shot of the dogs enjoying the quilt!

Myra said...

Your finished PhD is awesome Beck! Nicely done! Love it! 8-)