Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Husband... the hunter

DISCLAIMER: Some photos are of dead, hunted animals. Not gross, just don't go further if you don't want to see.  It's like a train wreck now, isn't it? You have to go on...

The hubs, as I often refer to him, is "Mike." Meet Mike.

Mike hunts. Deer, boar, elk, birds...

Mike fishes.

Mike has always wanted me to hunt but I was fine with him bringing home the good eats and sleeping in.

Mike would love it if I liked fishing but he should have picked a better place to introduce me to it than on a cold, wet and rainy day. (Granted, in his defense, it was the only day available in our Ireland vacation.)
Something changed.

She arrived.

She was too smart and needed a job. I thought, I could go out and spend time with the hubs during a hunt and have something else to do. I found a place to learn how to train her. Pick her out of the chain gang, can you? (okay the first red one.)

Now, I want to hunt. And I don't just want to go with the hubs while he hunts, I want to hunt birds. No deer, still not interested in any of that but I like the idea of birds.

Hunting with my girl.

The hubs went turkey hunting yesterday.

He got a turkey.

I'm jealous.
The hubs is happy.

I finally want to hunt. 



Moneik said...

I let my hubby do the hunting too. Although I'm definately a good shot when we practice shooting clay pigeons. I did a lot of competitive shooting in grade school, so that's one area I'm pretty good at.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Great story! I love a happy ending! Cute dog, nice hubs, cool dead animals. If you had been in my backyard this morning, you could have bagged yourself a big tom turkey and his female companion. He was so busy showing off for her, and she was so busy ignoring him, that you could have gotten them both easily! It was quite a show!

Me, I'd just stick with sleeping in and enjoying the finished product!


Anonymous said...

Great post and beautiful pup! I hope you are able to get out and go some time. =)

P. said...

Cute dog! Is it a Viszla (I can't spell that)? My dad and brothers are hunters, so we have albums upon albums of dead animal pictures. Happy hunting!

deborah said...

Followed the train wreck to see how bad it was:) My whole family hunts, always has...hubby doesn't get around as easily as he once did, so he shoots clays and fishes a lot! You should go hunting for birds, that is pretty cool, especially if you have a dog that will retrieve them. Handsome pup!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Hi Mike . I'm married to a Mike as well! Fancy there being more than one Mike in the world!

Mr. P fishes, but rarely catches anything. Pretty sure Mr. P couldnt kill anything besides fish either, but he's happy to hunt a steak if I throw it on his plate.

Your girl is pretty! We could take your girl and my boy out to hunt birds. Indy loves chasing anything that flies. Unfortunately Indy has the attention span of a flea.

Anonymous said...

Looks like good eating. Especially love boar.

Beautiful dog. Enjoy your hunting!

Barb said...

I have a son who would love this post, I will have to show it to him...Happy Hunting!!