Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm alive, no thanks to my throat.

First off, this post may be a little TMI for you discreet and sensitve personas out there.  Consider yourself duly warned. 

Me, well, I'm not sensitive... think bull in a china shop.

So I made it back to VA from my trip 2 days late. The good news, the hubs change of command went off without a hitch and he's officially got only himself to worry about until retirement from the army.  For those of you who may have experienced, you can understand what comes next.  For those that haven't, well, imagine you're life's plans have been thwarted at every making, left dangling in the wind, told you could to find out you couldn't, etc. then you might understand what comes next.



I'm back to feeling like a schoolgirl just graduating highschool. I'm so light-hearted, I cannot explain.  What we do next is what WE choose for us, for our family without need to consider military contingencies.  Sweet mother of God, I'm not sure how to act! 

Well, apparently, my throat did. My throat decided the best way to celebrate was to try to kill me at worse and lay me up at best. To make me settle down and rest instead of continuing my mad driving dashes across the country.  By Sunday's drive to TN from OK, I knew I had to go see a Dr.  Monday confirmed strep throat. 

Not all bad, right? Except I had let that sucker fester for 4 days so it had  a good hold on me.  Dr. said 10 days oral antibiotics or a painful shot of penicillin in the ass. 

Being a good scaredy cat, I asked how painful and would it work faster?  (See the kids were being watched by SIL but I knew it was only a matter of time before 2 teens, 1 pre-teen wore her kidless self out!)  Dr.  said it hurt but she couldn't say how much since she's allergic to penicillin and never had it but yes, it worked faster.


I opted to go the army way since I was, after all, in an army facility. I got the shot in the ass.

It hurt.  (Not as bad as those Rhogam shots I had when I was pregnant, though.)

My ass has a multi-colored contusion the size of golf ball at the injection site and it hurts to touch it. (Yeah, I know, then don't touch it, thanks for the advice ya know it all. ;-p)

This made it difficult to share some love with the hubs to celebrate his milestone. I mean, really, it did work faster, but really, next time I'm going to think ahead about which butt cheek and where on that cheek! Just sayin...we gotta think of these things b/c the Docs sure as hell aren't piping up and saying, "oh btw, if you are thinking of being sexually active, you might want to know there's an ass bruise that rivals the best black eye you've ever seen!"

Seriously, they aren't and if your Dr. is, I want his/her name.

So, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, while my throat did it's best to make me think I was hit by a semi-truck, I worked from the hubs place in TN.  Drove back to VA yesterday and am now in the month end working grind. Still a bit tired but feeling a whole lot better.

Next up, back to TN in Aug. to get some house items to bring back to a rental for 6-12months while we continue to search for a home to purchase.  Joy.  Bright side? I GET MY SEWING MACHINES BACK BY THE END OF AUGUST!!!!!!

Sing it with me.


Cheers! Beck


quiltfool said...

I hear the whole Tabernacle choir singing Hallelujah with you. Like the clouds have parted and rays of sunshine are glowing around your head. Sorry about your butt, tho. Take care and bring those sewing machines home! Lane

Kat said...

As a former military brat and a future military wife, I can completely and totally identify with your joy. Congratulations!!! And thank you for supporting your husband so the rest of us can remain are amazing!!

Barb said...

You are just tooo funny.

Congrats...and glad you are feeling better.

Myra said...

LOL! OH but you've got a zany sense of humor Bec!!! I love zany personalities!!! 8-)

So glad YOUR plans are getting to be a reality for you, and that you are feeling much better! 8-)

P. said...

I'm happy for your good news! Sorry the shot hurt your hiney, but hopefully your throat's better.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Great - I have an image of you and the Mr. doing the wild fandango etched into my brain now. Also I have a picture of your bruised butt in there as well.

Sorry your butt is black and blue, but very glad you're feeling better.