Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!

For this week's favorite Friday, pictures say more than words so here you go.  I'm looking forward to a great season! (Don't forget to check out others' favorite things by linking to Quilting in my Pyjamas blog through the button on the right.) 

My two boys playing last year.

My favorite college team. GEUAX TIGERS!!!

Cory Proctor of my favorite NFL team.... please God, let us do well this year. :)



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Ironic isnt it that as our football season is ending yours is starting. If you ever get here I'll take you to a Crows game and if I ever get there you can take me to see the Tigers.

You know we're both odd dont you because girls arent supposed to like boy sports.

Happy Favourite Things Friday.

Marg said...

What can I say?
Mrs P is an AFL girl, I was an AFL girl until I converted to Rugby Union.

For you - Go the Tigers!!!!

P. said...

It's funny, one of my girlfriends and I talk football more than our husbands do. Go Pack!

(My word verification is "unklog." That sounds serious!)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you're looking forward to a great season. How cool is that!

Okay, I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of the sport. However, whenever people are having fun, enjoying a past time, I'm all for it.

Seams Inspired said...

Someone just emailed me for a Pimento Cheese recipe, so she could take it tailgating to a football game tomorrow. It's a Favorite for lots of people, isn't it? :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

Amanda said...

All I can say is yeah our season is nearly finished. My son is a mad footy fan and I need a break. He has a mouth that goes a million miles per hour and I have heard nothing but footy for 6 months. Like Mrs P he likes the Crows. Sorry I don't share in your favourite thing, but good luck to your team.

AnnieO said...

Not a football fan--but my husband is, mostly college football, so it's not as loud, LOL! Go Bruins!

Elizabeth said...

I'm not a big football fan, but I love how you illustrated your post today. Thanks so much for sharing!

xo -E