Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weird Wednesday

A nod to my blogging friends who have themed days, I'm adding "Weird Wednesday" to the theme list.  Write about any weird topic or experience you may not normally write about and do it today. Post a comment letting us know, if you did so we can go read. :)

My first Weird Wednesday post... Ghosts/Spirits/Poltergeists... whatever you want to call them. Do you believe they exist?

Well, I do. I've had too many unexplained things occur to allow me to think they do not exist. However, I know many don't believe this but I am not writing this to debate it.  Just to say that on my new property, there is a little cemetary we know of and there is reportedly another one somewhere which was a slave cemetary. I thought nothing more of this except that it was neat to have so much history so near to us for the kids and I to talk about (for instance, we know there is a confederate soldier in the marked cemetary).

That was, until one night out of the blue, I couldn't sleep and well into the night, I kept hearing footsteps.  Only, the footsteps were in the closet.  Huh?

So I listened, I knew no one was in that closet, kids were asleep, hubs was gone in TN but footsteps started and stopped. Then started again, like pacing. 

Do you know what I did? I fell asleep wondering what the hell that could be.  I heard the same thing the next several nights. Just when I was thinking it might be neat to scare the crap out of my SIL with this when she comes to visit, I am outside one day and see a couple birds fly off from the house.

The vicinity of the birds starting point was the side of the house where my bedroom and closet were. Now I must go see if there's a nest in there and figure out how their noise could be mistaken for footstep sounds.

Or, maybe I'll just stick to my original plan to freak my SIL because she's so easy to spook. :)

And that, is my Weird Wednesday post. 

Cheers! Beck

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Shay said...

Oh I'll have to think about what to post for next week. Nothing weird really ever happens to me...aside from the odd ghosty experience.