Friday, September 3, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

Hello all... I have moved into our rental 2 weeks ago. I was unpacking, not allowing myself to sew until I had all boxes in the living room unpacked and not posting until I finished the living room AND my bedroom. 

I did it last weekend. I was ready to sew and post pictures of the top I whipped up but a variety of events only allowed me to get the rows done but not put the rows together. Another post, under the dogs category will explain why soon. 

Anyway, even though I wasn't able to bring some quilty goodness to in this post, I will be able to do so tomorrow. For today, I thought I'd share some of my NEW favorite things. You see, my friend Shay at Quilting in My Pyjamas has decided to do a Favorite Things Friday.  I've added her button to the sidebar so you can link directly there.)  She's been a good blog friend so I felt I owed her a plug.

Okay, not really on owing her a plug but I do think it's a good idea to reflect on the good things in your life so I will be participating in this little weekly fav fest.  Today's favorite things are new.  (I preface these by saying we are generally suburb people who now rent 47 acres in farm country.)

1) Walking out at 9pm, glancing at the sky and the word, "wow" slipping out of my mouth to see the blanket of stars and nothing else.
2) Dragging the kids out so they can see the same and hearing them exclaim their words of awesomeness at the site. Even better, going inside and the kids staying out well after to star gaze themselves.
3) Walking out in the morning to see a gaggle of turkey in the openning to the back pasture.
4) Walking out the next morning to see a family of deer walking in the side pasture.
5) Standing on the deck at any given point and hearing the ducks and geese in the neighbors pond.
6) Watching the kids go pet our friends' horses and just share space with them.
7) Enjoying the dogs enjoying the country.
8) Scense like these:

9) Creating and enjoying a new recipe Caramel Peach and Apple Pie (recipe coming soon) when an unknown neighbor drops off fresh peaches and tomatoes on move in day.

10) Learning to can with all the fresh veggies and fruits I'm going to buy from the stands on the sides of the road around here.

What are your favorite things today? 

Cheers! Beck


Paulette said...

You live in a rental with such beautiful scenery? Amazing. I looks like places around here (upper Midwest), except you said fresh peaches, so probably not.

That pie looks incredible!

Shay said...

Yay ! You're back ! I've missed you a lot. Having now seen what you've been up to , I'm not surprised you havent been posting.

Love , love , love the scenery. When will the guest room be ready? I'd kill to wake up to something like that. Takes me straight back to my parents farm and a load of fabulous memories.

I'm so glad you're getting settled and have found some new favourite things and that you came back just in time to share them for my first FTF!

I hope you're composing a long newsy , gossipy email ....

Larri said...

oooh...a blanket of stars and peachy pie. Those would be my favorites too. You live in such a beautiful space! Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o)

Marg said...

Wow, what a beautiful view, and having access to lovely fresh local produce, how fabulous is that! My mouth is watering just looking at that pie.

AnnieO said...

Wow, that was a lovely list of favorites and photos to go with! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

I can see why these are your favorite things. Lovely.

seabreezequilts said...

Loved the scenery

GaAm said...

That misty fog over the landscape is beautiful. What a lovely view.

Elizabeth said...

Wow. Gorgeous! I can totally see why these are favorites. That is quite a switch from suburbs to the country. Hope you're completely enjoying it!

xo -E