Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's doing fine

and so is mom.

This is Friday when we brought her home. The "why am I in my crate" pathetic look.  She pretty much stayed there all yesterday and Friday.  Dr. said we didn't have to restrict her to the crate but only 1 level of the floor. We, however, know her too well. She's too excitable so while she'll be out of the crate 50% of the time today, she'll only be in 2 rooms, the living room and kitchen. 

Short leash walks for the next 2 months for potty breaks.  This is her today getting loving from dad. Her incision is healing slowly but it definately looks better and seepage is almost stopped.

Two Silver linings:
1) We wanted to start keeping our dogs off the couches.  Perfect reason to start right now and keep the kids at it with her injury. (Doesn't mean our other dogs understand but so sad, too bad. LOL)
2) She will have a better quality of life in a while, with little pain in the future.

Thank you all for your well wishes. I'm sorry I didn't reply to your individual emails, it was easier with the attention to her and home to give this one update.

Cheers! Beck

ps- for those that told me it's okay to cry... it's okay for you, not me. I hate it. Even as a kid.  I know it's acceptable and allowed I just hate it so no weakness for me! "I am strong, like bull."  LOL (What movie is that line from, movie buffs?)


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

So glad to hear Sasha (and you ) are on the mend.

I have goggled until I;m blind hoping to dazzle you with my movie line brilliance and I cant find where that quote comes from...but as soon as you tell me I'll go "oh yeah "

Barb said...

I am glad she is back on the mend...I know you are happy to have her home.

I think crying is a sign of weakness but I cry all the time...I hate it...I can truly say that is one think I don't like about me.

Michelle said...

So glad to hear she is home and healing.

Gari said...

I do understand about not wanting to cry. My real problem is that when I get really mad I cry, and then I get madder cuz I feel I am showing weakness when I want to appear as strong as I am. Hate mad tears.