Thursday, January 20, 2011

The crafting community is stepping up in a big way!


More than $45,000 has been raised so far by the crafting community for the Queensland Flood Appeal. If you are looking for the Master List of Auctions and Raffles you can find it at Make It Perfect. There is something there for everyone, from handmade toys and jewelery to handcrafted clothing, bags, art prints and more. Go, look, and if you are so inclined, bid or donate. A worthy, worthy cause.

The Sarcastic Quilter auction is still active and  details can be found here (the auction ends at midnight on Monday, January 24th):
How would you like a quilted fleece blanket?
Please, ladies and gentlemen, maybe you can't bid or have donated already, but you can spread the word. Please let your friends, neighbors, and co-workers know about these auctions and donations. There's a few days left and maybe we can all help bump that final donation number up to over $100,000!

Thank you for your time and your bids, on this blog or others, and happy bidding to the rest of you.  I know our friends in Australia will be putting these donations to great use.

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Barb said...

It is just so amazing how much money they have earned already.

You blanket is wonderful....and what you are doing is awesome!