Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Crazy Journey - Part 2

I had waited to write this post to hear from the folks I sent my swap goodies to but as of today, I haven't heard from anyone except the person I sent the block to.

Block received and liked. Yay!

I sent the aprons and bag along with a little cookbook for the Secret Santa party.

I sent the little dresden plate mini from my last post but it was going to Ontario, Canada. I'm hoping it's just a little slow in the mail system instead of lost. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed she likes it.

I also sent out the tote.  This tote.

I promised to share the story with you and while, like the mini, I don't know if the tote was received yet, I miss blogging and decided to share anyway.

You see, I promised to help coordinate the swap and took half the list and assigned partners.  I inadvertently assigned a mom to make something for her daughter with the added benefit they live in the same household. She notified me and I so I simply swapped her daughter with my partner.  A couple weeks went by and we proceeded to make our swap partners gifts based on what we read for likes and dislikes that they sent us as part of the swap.

My tote came together.

The day I was ready to send it, I happened to go to my partner's Flickr page and her profile. I read through what she liked on her profile, which was pretty similar to what she said in her note except one thing.  There was an added sentence which stated she didn't like browns.

WHAT?!  Why oh why didn't I see this in all my stalking research before? Clearly I'm a crappy stalker.

UGH, what to do, what to do?  Ah!

I emailed my partner's mom. I asked her if she thought her daughter would like it given all the brown and she gave me the reply I feared. Probably not. She said her daughter had been asking for the same item her swap partner and she proposed we switch back. I agreed but not without feeling bad about it.

I went back to my original partner's likes and dislikes but decided not to give her the tote and that's why I made the dresden mini.  I did, however, send the tote off to my original swap partner's mom.  She raved about it and claimed she'd love to have it if the person I was sending it to didn't like it.

I figured, she dealt with all the mishaps, it should be her tote. I hope she likes it as much in real life as she did from the pictures and I just have to say, thank you, again to her for bearing with me through it all.

What have your last couple weeks been like?



Andrea C. said...

I really would have loved to get that bag ... is beautiful

Cloudy Stitches said...

Some things just don't pan out, you made a great few decisions with that swap and I too love the tote xxx

Shay said...

The tote is lovely Beck. What a journey though!

rubyslipperz said...

I can TOTALLY relate...I get myself into some big messes, because I missed one small leeeetle detail while reading the directions. Very cute tote!