Sunday, May 9, 2010

A happy Mother's Day = sewing time

First for all you moms out there, I hope your day is going beautifully.

For me, it's good. I woke up early, before everyone and had a good 1.5 hrs uninterrupted sewing time. I was able to finish the pinwheel top and start quilting on my peach trip around the world. I may try to finish that tonight, maybe not. It's a small one but right now, it's cocktail hour.

Later, hubby and I ran a couple errands. One of which was to  go to a new friend of the hubs so the hubs could sight in his two 12 guage shot guns and where I had the opportunity to shoot a 20 gauge. I hit dead center no problem. Go me!  lol

Now, on to real quilting news. Here's the pinwhweel quilt along top. Completed quilt to show soon, I am determined.  (Yeah, yeah, I don't care if you've heard that before. It's mother's day and I'm a momma. Shut it. -wink-)

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Barb said...

looking real good!!