Saturday, May 15, 2010

O-M-G. Preakness Stakes and quilting. Sad day.

Yes, that's right. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm.

Preakness Stakes today and the hubs wasn't around to bet but I gave it a go. Just a little history. This post was written after the Kentucky Derby earlier this month.

What I didn't say was the horses the hubs chose were the same my gut instincts said to bet on but I talked myself out of. So, this time, I decided to bet straight from the gut.

Did I do it? Nope. I didn't. And again, if I had, I might have won a little spending money (I'm a $2 bet kind of gal so a win wouldn't net much.)  I looked at the horses and thought, "Lookin at Lucky is good." Then I thought, "I have to go with a horse named First Dude."  Finally, I looked and thought, "Jackson Bend is going to place today. I'm sure of it."

Those were my first thoughts. If I had boxed em, well, I'd have some quilt stash spending cash. But nope. I said, no way. Calvin Borel on Super Saver is a favorite. He's a great rider, he's messed me up before, I have to put him on the top 3.  I wondered who to shoo out, Jackson Bend or First Dude and decided I was strong in feeling Bend would hold up.

I bet Lucky, Bend, Saver.  I lost. Dumb.  lol  So, anyone want to lay odds on whether I'll actually go with my gut insinct. First draw for the Belmot Stakes and if I do, bet that I'll actually lose it?  

LOL - hope you've enjoyed it on my behalf.

In quilting news, I've been quilting my pinwheel quilt in an attempted diagonal lines. Its awful. I've got more ripping than I've ever had to do (and NOT becuase I've been worried about straight lines, either).  I walked away today feeling like I was going to chuch the entire quilt!  No nice words, please. I'm certain IT doesn't deserve them.

I won't chuck it but walking away did give me perspective to say I won't be using it for us like I thought. THe dogs will get it. I'll chalk it up as a "practice different patterns" quilt.  Man, oh man, I was cussing like a sailor I was so mad.

Thank goodness for the wine. Wine has given me perspective. I may hate it but the dogs don't care how its quilted!

Cheers! Beck


Shay said...

Wine has amazing restorative propeties dontcha think Becks? I just dont give a shit about anything when I'm drinking it and the more I drink the less I care.

Go with the gut next time. It's only a couple of bucks. The universe is telling you to lash out a little.

Sometimes quilts just dont go right...take a box of matches a can of petrol and make yourself a bonfire. Or give it to the dogs . Your choice. Now I'm worried this "quilting the pinwheel quilt "thing might be catching. The next UFO I'm going to tackle is my pinwheel. It's not looking good for me is it?

Sarcastic Quilter said...

No, I have another pinwheel that turned out great from a while ago. I was just trying something new here with no real plan (BIG MISTAKE) and then when I did figure out the plan, I couldn't quite carry it over when I rolled the quilt to do a new section. It's nothing to do with the pinwheels and everything to do with me.

Barb said...

Maybe next time??