Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiny bit of quilting news, vacation photos, and an admonishment

First, the admonishment.  Only 1 of you was brave enough to try that burger recipe. That I know of, at least.
Shame! I made it so easy! Make the burger, hand to someone else to cook... tsk, tsk.  (-wink-)

(Edited to add... the above "admonishment" was meant to be very tongue-in-cheek and playful, much like most of what I say on this blog. -grin-)
For the one that tried it, glad the burger rocked and exploded (be sure to seal the meat next time around the filling) but sorry you killed the green stuff. The next meal might work a little easier.

My tiny bit of quilting news, I couldn't go all summer without sewing. Before I left for vacation, I bought fabric and cut it up while on vacation. I will be hand sewing this summer. If I'm lucky, I can complete it before summer is done and only worry about quilting it after that. I'll be posting tom. or Thurs. regarding how this is going. If anyone is brave enough to go along, it's only squares.

Finally, the vacation photos. Not all are here but you can see why I spent 1 day wondering what all my blog friends were doing, 5 not giving a crap and then returned home to try and hold onto the relaxed feeling by doing as little as possible. 

First, step-son graduated highschool. Congratulations, Sean!!

View from the lake to the cabin and from cabin to the lake.

Kids, hubs and dog enjoying the lake!

My large-mouth bass (at least that's what the hubs says it is.)  This is beginner's luck, friends. I was one of two of us that caught a fish all week.

The lake the morning I caught the bass.

Cheers! Beck


Dea-chan said...

Actually, the only reason why I didn't try it was it had a whole ton of weird ingredients that I'd never buy.

1 bag frozen broccoli cuts, thawed -- FROZEN? nevar!
6 Tbsp. spinach/artichoke spreadable (or thick) dip (you can use just about any flavor cream based dip but if you have this kind, give it a try. It gave a sharp flavor that blended well overall.) -- I would omit this from any recipe anyways.
garlic mayonnaise (store bought or take some minced garlic, mash to a paste and mix with mayo to taste) -- um... maybe? But I'd be the only one eating the mayo, as my fiance hates it (and I only eat mayo in tuna fish -- which he also doesn't eat).

It was pretty much the dip. I would maybe use it as a dip, but then, see no reason to buy something like that for a mystery meal.

I DO like the concept, but I think if you're having random crazy "I'm the only person who buys this" meals... it's just not in my $75/month food budget.

... wow I came out a raging bitch in this. Sorry! It was interesting seeing the mystery meal come together, and it's a great concept. Please keep doing it (just admonishments aren't fun :-P).

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yes- I am the one brave individual who did the recipe and yes I made exploding burgers. Yes I used frozen brocolli and didnt read the recipe and ended up with some kind of soup.

For me the fun came from using things in a way I might not use them usually. Then again for me - all of the ingredients were things I would routinely have in the house. I would never have thought to stuff spinach dip in the burgers though!

I cant wait until you list a meal where I have to buy stiff I've never heard of. I love a challenge.

And I promise I'll read the recipe properly next time :)

Dea-chan said...

I recently read that it's a Cardinal Sin to BWC -- a.k.a. Blog While Cranky. That goes for posting comments.

My apologies for my overenthusiastic response to your mild rebuke.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

No worries, we've all blogged and commented while cranky. :)

I think that's partly how I came up with the title for my blog, I just can't "not" be sarcastic and moody!


Sorcerer said...

wow! nice pics...
stumbled across your blog..