Thursday, June 3, 2010

Donations now accepted

I am now accepting donations so I may indulge in a most frivolous and unnecessary but much wanted purchase. Fusion Knive Set and Display.


Yeah, that's what the hubs said, too. So instead I purchased fabric to cut into squares to hand sew for the entire two months I don't have a sewing maching. My withdrawal became too much to handle at approximately 1pm ET on Thursday, June 3, 2010. Apparently, taking a quilting vacation is not in my future anytime soon.

Then again, if I had those knives maybe I could supplant the quilting bug with the chef bug every day instead of just once per week?  It's only $995...


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Yikes! Awesome colors though!


Barb said...

Those knives are awesome...just love wouldn't that be every quilters dream but that price tag...hummmmm

Hope you get your machine back soon!

Lane said...

YIKES! Maybe you should sell quilts to buy knives? Maybe buy the knives and then sell the quilts? Good luck. Lane

Shay said...

I couldn't see anywhere on the knife blurb about them being solid gold..I'm assuming for that price they also came with a personal chef?

I knew you wouldnt last without something quilty going on...You lasted about a wee, which is about 4 days longer than I thought you would.

Go forth and hand sew something gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Might be fun to try a hand-sewn small quilt! It's at least worth a try, and you may decide you like it better than with the machine!

Fancy knives, at that price I may just figure out how to make and sell them myself! Yikes that's expensive!!! =)