Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dirty little secrets - FTF

It's St. Patty's day and being a good non-Irish woman, I use this holiday to pretend I'm Irish and further to celebrate the "just another excuse to party" day.  Also, it's a little early but I'm coming back on board with Favorite Things Friday and that is "Dirty Little Secrets".

Today I cooked corned beef and cabbage (with carrots, onions and potatos of course!). Thought my DD would hate it (hubs and boys were gone tonight) but we both LOVED it. She's even having a corned beef sandwich tomorrow!

This may not seem very newsworthy to you but truth be told, I thought I was the only one in a household of 5 that liked corned beef and now, since I have 1 more person who likes it, to me, that means I get to cook it more than 1x per year! HOORAY!

The hubs will have to deal. That's my dirty little secret #1.

Dirty little secret #2:  I had 2 glasses of wine tonight and I'm going on my third. Regardless of tomorrow being a work day, I'm thinking of drowning my sorrows in a 4th!

Dirty little secret #3: I am on Skype as Sarcastic Quilter.  I've been logging in lately by it's rare that my 4 friends are on. If you don't mind someone who looks like she doesn't know what makeup and hairstyling are, reach out to me. :)

Dirty little secret #4: I'm really enjoying the Live Destination Truth episode in Ireland on Syfy right now. I'm not sure if it's the wine, my mini crush on Josh Gates or both but I'm staying here tonight.

Dirty litte secret #5: I love college basketball but apparently, with my wine and the hubs gone, I like Josh Gates mroe and am watching Syfy instead of March Madness!

Dirty litte secret #6: I have no sorrows so I have no excuse with item #2.

Dirty litte secret #7: I read classic novels and fantasy sci-fi novels about paranormal things (look up Kat Richardson's Greywalker series to know what I mean) but then every now and then I read, *GASP*,  erotica.  You know, those freebies you can read?  Are you scared yet? Curiosity gets the better of me so I'll download a free thing sometimes.  Honest to God, sometimes I read it and think, really? People do that?  Other times I wonder... could I ever lay there as long as some of the freaking scenes they describe without starting to think about bills, tomorrow's to do list, the bathroom needing cleaning, the dogs needing a bath, did I sign up to bring snacks to the soccer game, etc.  I mean honestly ladies, you understand don't you? Erotica is nothing more than impossible fantasy to me because the second my brain is intrigued is the SAME SECOND my brain breaks it down by reminding me of reality. Then I laugh at how ridiculous it all is. I may think of myself as a pretty little, tight bodied 20-something but reality breaks it down to  the older, baby flabbing, lazy and strict sleep-scheduled 30-something that I am. 

Dirty litte secret #8: I thoroughly enjoyed grossing you all out with Dirty litte secret #7. It's not real folks. Wipe those dirty little images from your mind!

Dirty litte secret #9: I am very afraid I'll screw up the paper-piecing instrucstions for the quilt along even though I know you will still love me even if I do.

and lastly:
Dirty litte secret #10: hubs is out this evening and Josh Gates and Dirty litte secret #7 are my only comfort.  Now you know why I'm going to go and pour myself a 4th glass (see Dirty litte secret #2).

Got any Dirty little secrets you want to share? Come on... I won't tell anyone!

(ps - ETA that I stopped at 3. My body wanted water instead. What can I say, I'm no longer in college. :D)

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Thea said...

Great FTF!! My dirty little secret today is that I'm Irish (maiden name Kelly) and I don't like corned beef or cabbage ... I did wear green today though!

Anne said...

Your "Dirty Little Secrets" post is most entertaining! I am happy to hear that some households can enjoy corned beef and cabbage. My husband and son are not fans, so I have only cooked the savory dish once during my 30 years of marriage.

I am trying to think of an interesting secret. Hmm -- I'll admit that I have had a crush on Steve Martin since 1976. I used to daydream about traveling to California to find the comedian, have him fall head over heels for me, and take me as his wife.

Steve is currently touring all the talk shows touting his "Rare Bird Alert" album. I've tried my best to catch each interview. I can't help but notice that Steve is still quite handsome, charming, and funny. Though many years have passed since I was sixteen, whenever I see Steve Martin, I still daydream and ponder "what if?"

Have a great evening with your wine and Josh Gates.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

A great FTF, I had a good laugh :-) I hate corned beef and especially with cabbage...mum overcooked it when I was young and now I hate even the smell but I do cook it about 4 times a year for the rest of the family.
No no dirty little secrets or any thing titivating I'm afraid unless you count the fact that I have been blogging for the last 3 hrs instead of doing bookwork, don't tell Hubby! ;-)

Susan Entwistle said...

Ha Ha...Dirty Little Secrets. Now if I spilled them, they wouldn't be secrets anymore, would they? Enjoy your wine!

marth225 said...

Go for it - we all need a break every now and then

Barb said...

You are just tooo funny!!!

No dirty secret, only dirty laundry....HA!!

Angie said...

O.M.G. That was GREAT! Woke me up better than coffee! If you need a new book addiction, I am on a mission to share the virtues of Diana Gabaldon's genius! If you haven't started reading the Outlander series., and get it! It is like a history lesson on top of an action flick wrapped up in a romance novel. Once you fall in love with Jamie, you won't need Josh anymore. lol

P. said...

You are so funny. My dirty little, so many to choose from. How about that I tend to sleep in whatever shirt I wore that day. There ya go. I feel so exposed now, but nothing like #7. Not real? Yeah, right!

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

what a funny post....I´d love to hook up with you on Skype sometime..and dirty little secrets..hmm..I think I have none since I started blogging I don´t live a secret life anymore.
Oh and by the way- I love corned beef and potatoes

Sara said...

Gosh, that got confusing by the end. I love corned beef, but with mashed potatoes, not cabbage.

Dirty little secrets... um, some days I don't bother having a shower? That's dirty, right?

Nanci said...

Too funny! I just didn't think corned beef, cabbage and wine went together...but it did! I had the same thing...didn't tell too much either.
A good and funny FTF!

Shevvy said...

Brilliant post - my Dirty Little Secret is that even though I am a proper plastic paddy with Irish parents, have had an Irish passport in the past and pop over there usually once a year at least; I can't stand going out on Paddys Night. I was traumatised as a kid in some London Irish clubs and it isn't worth the hassle!

Shay said...

They say confession is good for the soul. Do you feel unburdened ?

Despite having Irish ancestry I cannot stand corned beef or cabbage.

If you stuff up the paper piecing instructions it's likely I wont even know since I have no clue what I am doing. This is your one chance to have me blindly follow you like a sheep... but of course we'll still love you.

Wine is made from grapes and fruit is good for you so I view your wine confession favourably.

And are you sure you want to torture people on Skype that way. I can handle it because Im Aussie and everyone knows we're tough....

Marg said...

Very funny, a great FTF.
I'm not a huge fan of corned beef and cabbage.
If I told you my dirty little secrets they wouldn't be a secret anymore. They're not particularly exciting anyway.
Thanks for the entertaining post and don't worry about the paper piecing instructions as I won't have a clue either.

Mrs A said...

ha ha, dont mind a bit of corned beef once a hundred years! will think about the dls, might post it!

Kate said...

Great FTF! I'd have never made it to 3 glasses, I'd have been unable to ypte after one and asleep after two (apparently I can't type even after none).

Kirsten's Cooking said...

we had green beer (the kids had green ginger ale) - but no one (including me) likes corned beef. I'm so glad you found another person to join you, though! It's so much better to cook something for people who actually like it!

Hmmmm..... my dirty little secret is that I procrastinate - I read instead of cleaning and sometimes I'm downright lazy. The perils of not working outside the home :)