Monday, March 21, 2011

Winner, a must go to link, & a little weekend progress

First, the winner of the weekend giveaway, as determined by, Commentor #9:

deborah said...

I don't have a favorite fabric line, since I mainly work with scraps (yep..I love just a big mix) but I do like Sunkissed.

Congratulations Deborah! I'll hook up with you over email and get that turnover sent out this week!

Now,  I came across a link for this survey in blogland and HAD to share it. Piecemeal Quilts is having a survey based, in part, on comments to a post she wrote a few days ago. I encourage all of you to go take a look at both posts and answer the survey questions. They are quick and it will be interesting to see the overall results.  For me personally, I learned I've got quite a range of know-how under my belt (whether I'm accomplished at it, that's another story!) and where I used to say I was a tentative intermediate, I now KNOW I'm an intermediate level quilter or maybe even an adventurouse intermediate. Felt good.

If you still haven't signed up for the quilt along, WHAT are you waiting for? Go HERE and get the supply list. I promise it won't take too much time during the week. You can do it... and since I'm not above bribery, I will be giving somethign away to a lucky participant. So grab my sidebar button, spread the word and join up today. (That's my best sales pitch... I feel pushy but my brain knows it wasn't pushy.  Thank goodness I'm not in sales for a living or I'd starve.)

Finally, a little weekend progress. Here are the two stars for the Just One Star campaign.

In progress and I'm afraid I did something very wrong b/c measurement seem way off. I decide to suck it up and sew to see what it will look like anyway. There must be a reason they say to cut it this size.  (Gee, trusting a pattern, go figure.)

 Hmm, not bad. They want to trim and square it up so this is what I am sending along this week.

Cheers! Beck


Amy said...

I like your stars, seems everyone is doing 2. thanks for sharing,Amy

Paulette said...

I wondered that too, but then I skimmed the instructions for the quilt itself and the block size and figured they'd be trimming them down. Yours are nice!

Barb said...

They look wonderful!!

deborah said...

Nice stars! I'm going to work on a couple tomorrow - such a great cause!

I'm so excited that I won the fabric! Thanks so much:) I will enjoy working with precuts!

I will put your button on my little blog tomorrow, we are taking my dear mother-in-law to her weekly bingo game in a few minutes. Interesting people watching there :)

Shay said...

Love the stars Becks.

And congratulations to Deborah.

Just off to check out the post and survey!

Kate said...

Great Stars! The survey was interesting. Thanks for pointing the way!