Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Progress on the quilt to Japan

I've decided to name this quilt, "Flowers for Japan" because, as it turns out, that's what it is in fabric and spirit.

This came together as quickly as I thought it would. I started Saturday, at about noon, with this.
Thanks to my Go cutter, 2.5" strips were cut in an hour. (Let me preface the rest of this post now by saying the top plus border could have been completed in one day if I started Sat. morning like I intended and didn't get stuck with my eyes glued to March Madness basketball games.)
Strips were put together in sets of 6 and sewn.

The set width ended up measuring at 11.5" so I cut them at 11.5" to make square blocks.
I ended up with stragglers. I have 3" cuts here and may or may not use them as a pieced border. I'm still deciding.
Currently, this is the top. As I said, a border (or two) will be added today and then probably a simple meander quilting & machine binding tomorrow so I can get this in the mail this week.
On a side note, I received the new Keepsake Quilting catalog in the mail and there is the picture of this quilt kit:
I laughed and the hubs agreed that in this household, that was a quilt for me, not him. I'm the chips & dip, sports, hotdog/hamburg, person and he likes more traditional quilts.  An hour or so later, it was confirmed when I laid out the Flowers for Japan and he commented he really liked the colors and look of that quilt. A lot.

Sometimes, life is funny that way.
Cheers! Beck


Barb said...

You did an awesome job on your quilt...that go cutter sure makes a difference doesn't it.

deborah said...

Great quilt top! What size will it be?
I'm thinking about using my tumbler die to make up a twin-size quilt to send.

Shay said...

Talk about progress! Love the top and you put it together in record time. Way to go!

I recall the days when I used to use scissors to cut my fabric. Cutting used to take days. I really want to see one of those Go Cutters in action.

Lisa said...

Looking good, that was fast! Is the cutter really good, do you really like it for everything? Trying to decide if it's worth the cost.

Mrs A said...

wow thats a lot in one day, good one! i like the snack themed quilt, good for watching the footy!