Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quilt along post #1, suppply list.

I am late in the day posting, I know and apologize but to make up for it, I'm giving you a few options, and a week and a half to pull your supplies together. Next quilt along ("QA") post will be the 24th of March.

First order of business. I do not know how to do the linkee thing so instead, I've created a Flickr Group for us.  Questions/discussions can be posted there, anyone with an email address can participate for free and no blog posts are necessary if you don't want to. Just post pictures as the weeks move along.  It's fun to see everyone's choices and progress in the same place. So, pop on over there and join up. 


Second order of business.  For all those participating (and posting their completed tops, not quilted quilt, just tops) at the end of this QA on Flickr, there will be a random drawing for a prize. Right now I have one prize (to be disclosed later but let's just say it's stash friendly) and if we have a big turnout, I'll add a runner up prize.

Finally, a supply list:
Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
Tracing paper (enough for the # of blocks you choose & figuring blocks will finish at 9.5" square)
Fabric as indicated below.

If you want to go scrappy: the measurements for each piece of fabric for the block are:
Sections 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7 = 4 ¼”x8 ¼”
Sections 3 & 8 = 5 ½”x10”

Yardage for 24”x24” Easter table topper:
Section 3 = 1/8 yd each, pale purple & light purple
Sections 2 & 4 = ¼ yd aqua polka dot
Sections 1 & 5 = ¼ yd light green flower
Sections 6 & 7 = ¼ yd yellow polka dot
Section 8 = ¼ yd pink polka dot
Border 1 = 2 EACH, 1 ½”x19”, 1 ½”x21” strips
Border 2 = 2 EACH, 2 ½”x22” aqua, 2 ½”x25” green strips
             An optional topper choice: 4th of July?

Yardage for 44”x53” garden quilt: (This is the quilt I am doing)
Section 3 = EACH, ¼ yard pale yellow, ½ yd pale blue, ¾ yd pale green
Sections 2 & 4 = EACH, ¼ yd light yellow, ½ yd light blue, ¾ yd light green
Sections 1 & 5 = EACH, ¼ yd medium yellow, ½ yd medium blue, ¾ yd medium green
Sections 6 & 7 = EACH, ¼ yd medium-dark yellow, ½ yd medium-dark blue, ¾ yd dark green
Section 8 = EACH, ¾ yd dark yellow, ¾ yd dark blue
Green Border 1 = 2 each, ½”x46” & ½”x39”
Dk blue Border 2 = 2 each, 3 ½”x48” & 3 ½”x45”
                                    An additional color and layout options for this same size quilt.
Yardage for 44”x53” pink ribbon quilt:
Section 3 = 1 ½ yd pale pink
Sections 2 & 4 = 1 ½ yd medium pink
Sections 1 & 5 =1 ½ yd light pink
Sections 6 & 7 = 1 ½ yd dark pink
Section 8 = 1 ½ yd medium dark pink
Light Border = 2 each,  1½”x46” & 1½”x39”
medium Border 2 = 2 each, 3 ½”x48” & 3 ½”x45”
                       Other color/layout options:

Yardage for 51”x51” patriotic quilt:
Section 3 = 1 ½ yd ice pale blue
Sections 2 & 4 = EACH, ¾ yd light blue, ¾ yd red
Sections 1 & 5 = EACH, ¾ yd medium blue, ¾ yd medium dark red
Sections 6 & 7 = EACH, ¾ yd medium dark blue, ¾ yd dark red
Section 8 = 1 ½ yd dark blue
Red border = 2 EACH,  1 ½”x46”, 1 ½”x48”
Blue border = 2 EACH, 2 ½”x48”, 2 ½”x53”
                Layout and color options:

I would like to take a moment to say, you are welcome to create your own design. You are also welcome to use solids, tone-on-tone or print fabric. This is all about being enjoyable to YOU and you alone.

Finally, I would like to say the fabric requirements are generous. There will be leftover after we cut and piece. I do not want people fussing with angling pieces and getting frustrated. Just look at it as a way to save scraps for your (or a friend's) applique stash!
Come post your fabric photos at the Flickr group.  Can't wait to see what everyone decides on. :-)  My fabrics are posted here and here.  I hope you have fun with this and if you are new to paper-piecing, this is an easy start. If you are familiar with it, I hope you find the variety of layouts and colors inspiring to you.



StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm right in the middle of working my way through a looooong UFO list, pledged to my guild. But I wish I wasn't because this is going to be so fun - I'd love to be doing it with you! blessings, marlene

Regina said...

Wow look at all the options. That's awesome! I hope I can participate. I haven't paper pieced before. Is there a lot of printing to do? My printer is back in Cali still.

Shay said...

Rotary cutter-check. Ruler and cutting mat-check. Tracing paper -sure I can rustle some up - check..

Fabric - crap..it looks like I'm going shopping. You do realise that if it doesnt come in a fat quarter stack Im hopeless at choosing fabrics dont you?

I'll stop hyper-ventilating now.

Shevvy said...

So many options - the choice of layouts is amazing. I just can't decide now!